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How To Travel with Younger Children

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If you’re wondering what’s the best way to travel with younger children, don’t stress. Even though your trip companions may be a little young, that doesn’t mean that your travel plans need to change.

Booking trips for your entire family can often seem overwhelming when you start to think about all the various ages. The good news? You can travel with younger children and older children with just a few simple traveling tips.

Don’t cancel your bucket list travel plans just yet…Instead, opt for a more positive outlook on how you can make your travels a bit easier!

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How To Travel with Younger Children

These simple travel tips can make your family vacation a breeze!

First, make sure you have all the traveling essentials for toddlers, then set yourself up for travel success with the following strategies:

Let them choose a small bag of toys to bring

While you may be tempted to pack everything for them, you’re taking a risk in packing something that they don’t want or like. It’s just easier from the beginning if you let them decide what toys they want to bring on the trip.

Maybe they no longer like Sesame Street but just haven’t let you in on that secret yet….and now, they prefer Doc McStuffings.

Don’t question their logic, just let them pack their own toys. And take the time to explain to them that you aren’t going to be packing anything else for them. That way, they know and understand that whatever they bring, that’s it.

Don’t skimp on the snacks

Snacks for road trips are huge. You can expect that from the moment that you leave your driveway, your little one is going to be asking for a snack. Or a drink. Or a combination of both. The best way to combat this? Pack a bunch of snacks.

Keep the snacks simple and healthy and you’ll find that your child won’t mind the travels quite as much. Pack fruits and snacks that don’t need to be kept cool, that way it’s just one less thing to have to worry about.

One other great idea that works is giving your toddler their own “snack bag” for the trip. Pack up a small lunch box or bag, and let your little one decide when they want a snack all on their very own. They’ll love the independence and you’ll love not having to reach around and try to find one for them.

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Keep a small carryon bag in the front with you

While it may be tempting to pack up everything in the trunk, don’t. You never know what kind of needs or happenings will occur on the road.

Packing a small carryon bag is helpful so you don’t have to pull over and dig through everything in the trunk to find what you’re looking for. Items to keep in the small bag could include a clean change of clothes, a small blanket or pillow or a few of their favorite books.

Print off some learning activities to help keep them busy

Don’t give your little one electronics for the trip to keep them occupied! Use this time to print off some educational printables that they can learn from.

Math worksheets are always great for longer trips as are anything to do with reading or sentence structure.

They may groan a bit at the thought of having to do any type of work, but if you use them intermittently throughout your travels, you’ll find that they don’t mind doing them as much!

There are even fun games that you can print and play together as well! Use the time that you’re traveling in the car as a way to make fun memories.

If you’re traveling internationally, several weeks before your trip use this printable passport for kids to start sharing information about the places you’ll visit in a fun way.

Understand there will be “unexpected” happenings

Not everything is going to go perfectly. The sooner you can realize that the more enjoyable of a trip you will have.

As long as everyone is safe, happy and healthy, you’re well on your way to have a truly memorable trip.

These simple tips can make it super duper simple to travel with younger children. No matter their age, you can have a stress-free and enjoyable trip with ease.

Remember to plan ahead and keep a positive attitude throughout your travel journey. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll realize that each and every step along the way was worth it!

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