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Get Six Pack Abs By Swimsuit Season

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We are two months out from swimsuit season and if you have an eye on a bikini for the pool or beach, it’s time to start getting your mid-section in shape. The good news is that you can get there easily by doing just a few exercises every other day. Take breaks if you need them, but finish all the reps.

Ab Workout

  • 50 Bicycle Crunches*
  • 60 Second Plank
  • 20 Scissor Kicks*
  • 50 Russian Twists*
  • 20 V-Ups
  • 20 In and Outs
  • 20 Spidermans*

 * For the exercises that involve moving the left and right side separately, you must do both sides to count the rep.

Food Choices That Will Help Show Your Six Pack Abs

Now don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. If you take the time to strengthen your abdominals, in order for them to show, you have to make sure they aren’t hidden behind a nice layer of winter insulation. Sorry ladies, I don’t mean your favorite winter sweater.

The truth is, abs are made in the kitchen. Don’t worry, you don’t have to drop tons of weight to expose those amazing stomach muscles. However, you will have to lay off the junk food and boost your protein consumption.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll be rocking that bikini come summer:

  1. Avoid “white” food as much as possible. You don’t want to eat anything that’s had all of the fiber and nutrients bleached and processed out of it, leaving only empty calories behind. Say goodbye to white bread, white rice, flour tortillas, potato chips, potatoes, and pasta. If you need these things, at least switch to their “brown” versions (aka whole grain).
  2. Eat protein at every meal. Protein doesn’t necessarily mean meat. You can opt for beans, nuts, yogurt, or other protein-rich foods. For ideal snack choices, click here.
  3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables at every meal. Not only are these great low-calorie alternatives to starchy food, but they are also packed full of fiber and nutrients that your body needs.

6 thoughts on “Get Six Pack Abs By Swimsuit Season”

  1. Do pole dancing classes help get you in shape? I’m intrigued but a little shy to try it . . .

  2. I’ve been looking for a good ab routine that I could supplement in between my yoga and pole dancing classes! Thanks so much for sharing the great routine and those tips 🙂

  3. Do you have a video you use or an article link that has all these listed in them for easy access? I do not know what half of them are and hate to have to look all of them up. Thanks for the tips !

    • LOL–no. I have been trying to avoid making a video but you have just convinced me to get over my camera shyness. Will make a video today and post it here. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. I kind of have to stay away from anything “white”–no good for diabetics–I have lost weight (50 lbs and counting) but still have that tummy–been fighting myself over exercise—I know darn well that is what will bring tone back to my body!!

  5. Awesome! I love your fitness articles. I’m paying attention for sure!


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