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Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

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I love a well designed and nicely decorated space, but my personal eye for design is lacking. So, I’ve invited Kaitlin Krull from Modernize to share some tips on creating the ultimate guest room – one that will impress guests without breaking your budget.

Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

When it comes to decorating your home, there are usually certain rooms that always get more attention than others. While you probably have a mostly put together entryway, living room, and kitchen, there isn’t always enough left in the budget—let alone your busy schedule—to decorate the rest of the house.

If, like us at Modernize, you like to open your home to friends and family on a regular basis, we think your guest room should reflect the design style and comfort levels of the rest of your house. Here are a few of our top tips for putting together the ultimate guest room to wow your visitors.

Design style

The first step to creating a great guest room should include thinking about your personal tastes and choosing a possible theme. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go full nautical or Disney with your guest room.

Instead, choose a color, fabric, or pattern that you want to be the focus of the room and incorporate it into your bedding, accessories, and decor. Don’t worry about making it too distinct from the rest of the house; a guest room will always feel more inviting and relaxing if it still feels like your home.

Guest Room


After choosing your theme, consider the comfort level of your guest room. While you don’t need to break the bank and splurge on a California King or designer chaise longue, your house guests will appreciate a large, inviting bed and quality sheets. It doesn’t have to feel like a night at the Ritz, but an uncomfortable guest room is just as bad as a very bad hotel room.

Other things to consider here are carpeting, seating areas and desks, and blackout curtains. All of these additional elements will only add to the appeal of your guest room and make your friends and family eager to come back and stay again—provided that’s what you want as well, of course!

Guest Room with mostly white decor


Being away from home can be difficult, especially in hotel rooms and places where basic and even more luxurious amenities aren’t available. Treat your guest room like a mini BNB and give your guests some convenience items that are often forgotten.

If your guest room has an en-suite or private bathroom, you’re off on the right foot. Make sure doors shut properly and have locks for added privacy. Bedside lamps, alarm clocks and radios, and a television are a few other non-essential essentials that your guests will thank you for having in their room.

Finally, closet or dresser space is a must for long-stay guests, because we all know that no one enjoys living out of a suitcase.

Guest Room with rounded shelves


Great hosting is about the little things that your guests will really appreciate, and little things really do go a long way when it comes to your guest room. Start by providing your guests with extra blankets, pillows, and towels for the duration of their stay.

A calming scented candle or diffuser is a nice extra touch that helps to neutralize any odors and keep your guests calm and relaxed at the same time. Flowers—either real, or artificial if your guests suffer from seasonal allergies—on the dresser or nightstand won’t be easily forgotten, either.

You don’t have to put chocolates on their pillows or offer a turn-down service, but we love the idea of displaying a few mini toiletries and other convenience items in the guest bathroom for friends and family who have forgotten their own products. Your mother-in-law will be particularly impressed!

Guest Room with a breakfast tray in the foreground

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