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Where to Buy Healthy Food Online

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One reason it’s difficult to eat healthy is because nutritious food doesn’t have a long shelf life, which means frequent shopping. Eating healthier gets much easier if you can buy healthy food online, you just need to know where to look and who to trust.

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Buying food online has become a part of our everyday life and it made everything so much easier, especially when we don’t have the time to go shopping after a hard day at work. If you’re nurturing a healthy lifestyle, using online meal delivery services can get a bit tricky because you want to know what you’re buying. This is why it’s wise to check around and find foolproof ways to always get completely healthy organic food even when you’re using the World Wide Web to do it. To that purpose, we decided to talk about a few trustworthy online shops that will for sure supply you with top-notch products that are healthy, organic and will arrive to your doorstep.

Thrive Market

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We’ve heard many great things about Thrive Market online shop and apparently, they’ve deserved their name. They’ve been around for a while and you can tell by their choices of food, as well as their delivery system that they know what they’re doing. They’ve got over 3,000 healthy brands in their catalog, and they’re all focused on well-being and healthy nutrition. You will have to spring for their annual membership fee, which is $60, but it’s well worth seeing what you get for it – you don’t have to run around looking for that special brand of almond butter you love so much, you don’t have to deal with traffic and lines, it all gets delivered right to your door. We particularly love that they offer free shipping for all purchases over $49, as long as you live in the continental US. Thrive Market’s website is well organized and you can easily browse through categories and find what you need in no time.

Home Chef

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This is one of the more recent online food delivery websites, but it is gaining popularity by the minute. The reason behind this is that Home Chef approaches your meal delivery in a very unique way, allowing you to cook healthy and respecting any nutrition program you might have. If you decide to use Home Chef system, you will get about ten suggestions weekly on what you can cook for your family that is healthy and delicious. When you do choose one of the recipes, you will get pre-portioned ingredients for the wanted recipes delivered to your home, so that you can prepare a meal in no time. This is a very convenient and innovative view on cooking healthy, especially because you’re able to avoid food waste that usually comes from buying too much food. Home Chef meals delivery takes preserving of the environment and health of their customers very seriously, which is why they will send you your pre-portioned products in biodegradable boxes that can be easily recycled. Also, there’s no chance that your food will be spoiled by the time it gets to you because it’s preserved by cool gel packs that keep your ingredients refrigerated instead of frozen. We love the fresh perspective that Home Chef has to offer, which is why giving it a try is certainly a good idea.


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Vitacost is by far one of the most popular online food store that prides in delivering healthy food and health-related products to their customers all over the US and even internationally. Chances are that if you want something healthy to eat, make or use, you will find it in Vitacost catalog that offers over 45,000 healthy products, enough to leave your head spinning. You will find virtually anything here – from vitamins and supplements to pet health care products, all a few clicks away. In this online shop you will also find a plethora of specialty foods – including raw and vegan foods, not to mention a wide selection of organic foods, which is nothing short from excellent. If you’re wondering about what brands you can find here, well, there are over 2,500 of them to choose from, and Bragg’s, Lundberg Farms, Garden of Life, Simply Organic and Mega Food are but a few you can choose from.


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