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Best Ways to Speed Up Your Workout

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Are you committed to working out but dread the time it takes to exercise? Rather than staring at the ticking clock on your elliptical or counting steps on the treadmill, use these two tips to make your workout fly by.

Tips On How To Speed Up Your Workout

First, challenge long-held notions about what constitutes a good workout. Although old-school beliefs would have you spending an hour on cardio, it’s not necessary to work out longer if you work out more efficiently.

Shorten your workout time and maximize your fitness by varying the intensity of your workout. You don’t have to be ready to join a hardcore cross fit class to benefit from the basic concept. Alternate between quick bursts of intense activity with more moderate cycles. By doing so, you can cut that hour-long cardio session down to 20 minutes without sacrificing fitness.

Second, don’t overlook the power of distraction. While listening to music or watching a crime drama may not literally speed up your workout, it will make it seem to go by much faster. Try several activities while working out to see which one is the most effective for you.

Most gyms have televisions, which can be a great distraction for many people. Others may prefer to flip through a magazine or read a book on their e-reader.

For people watchers, try spotting these regulars as you workout. From the Strike-A-Pose master to the Feelin’-At-Home regular, looking for these characters is bound to make your workout more enjoyable.

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8 thoughts on “Best Ways to Speed Up Your Workout”

  1. Lack of time and laziness are the most obstacles before the result. Great idea to speed up the Workout as much as possible

  2. Very good , i am very lazy and due to that i got 10 to 15kg of weight.Therefore, i am looking to shade that quickly and seems like your post will help me do that at ease.

  3. So funny. I am like the Gym Mom persona 🙂 Although I like to also work out at hone but same intensity

    • I love the Gym Mom! I try to work out at home since it’s more convenient but honestly, I need the peer pressure to push harder.

  4. I found audio books work really well for exercising. I don’t mind the exercising so much as the time it takes away from something else. I might need an attitude change.

  5. The gym personas are too funny and too true. Guess that’s why I prefer walking around the neighborhood with a friend to go going to the gym.

  6. Great tips. I usually read Kindle books on my tablet while riding my recumbent exercise bike. I used to watch TV. Either activity really helps the time go by more quickly.

    • I would love to read but it hurts my eyes. Apparently I jiggle too much. Thanks for stopping by!


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