Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

My kids love trick-or-treating. This is probably due to the fact that because their mother is a chocoholic, we can’t have ANY chocolate in the house for most of the year because she can’t be trusted to eat it in moderation. So, every year we join in the drama, er I mean joy, of choosing Halloween costumes so my children can go beg for candy from strangers. I don’t know if costumes have gotten more expensive the older I get, or if it just seems that way because I have more kids to buy them for. Whatever the reason, I have a hard time shelling out a bunch of cash for something that is only going to be worn once just so my kids can get candy that I could buy for much less than the price of a costume. And since I rely on the internet to solve all of my problems, I promptly went to work on Google and Pinterest to find the easiest (since I have negligible sewing or crafting skills), least expensive DIY costumes. Thanks to the creativity of others, I have a wonderful assortment to share with you. Here they are.


DIY Halloween Costumes


Costumes Made From Balloons

You can purchase an entire bag of balloons at Wal-Mart for $1. That makes these costumes among the least expensive options on the entire list!


Grape Costume

Bunch of Grapes


Jellybean Costume

Bag of Jellybeans


Costumes Using An Old Umbrella

Have an extra umbrella laying around? Put it to use as the centerpiece of one of these super cute and clever costumes.


Raining Cats and Dogs Costume


Raining Cats and Dogs


Jellyfish Costume


Costumes Made From A Box

If you haven’t ordered anything big lately, you can check with local stores to see if they will give you one of their large, empty boxes. Other than the box, you will need some paint and a few other supplies. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can create these imaginative costumes in the comfort of your own home.

Lego Costume Lego Brick


Rubik's Cube Costume

Rubik’s Cube


Costumes Made From Dollar Store Items

You can make the following costumes for under $5 each, primarily with items you can find at your local dollar store. Pay a fraction of the cost of a typical costume AND avoid being one princess or superhero in a sea of duplicate costumes.


Paper Doll Costume

 Paper Doll


Flower Pot Costume

Flower Pot


Chia Pet Costume

Chia Pet


Moose Costume



Minion Costume

Minion Costume


Costume Made From Things You Probably Have Around The House

If you’re going for an A+, you might be tempted to head to the store to pick up some extras to jazz up these costumes, but for the most part, you will probably have everything you need to create them laying around your house.


Strong Man Costume

Strong Man


Olympic Gymnast

Olympic Gymnast


Dirty Laundry Costume

Dirty Laundry




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    I am really not sure which one of these I love the most! They are all so cute and took a lot of thought and time. I think I love the raining cats and dogs!

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