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Where to Shop Online for Mother’s Day Gifts

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If you hate shopping but don’t want to let mom down on Mother’s Day, you need to know where to shop online for Mother’s Day gifts. You can skip the traffic, crowded stores, and long checkout lines and still score a gift your mom will cherish.

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When it comes to gifts for my loved ones, I like to shop at stores that have unique gifts. If you want mom to feel special, don’t shop at the stores where everyone else is shopping. Mom’s not going to feel very special when her friend shows up in the same scarf or carrying the same “World’s Best Mom” coffee tumbler.

Of course, Mom isn’t going to feel great if you overspend on her gift either. Moms worry about their kids enough already. Don’t cause Mom additional stress by giving her a gift that is clearly outside of your budget.

So, before I get to the best places to shop online for Mother’s Day gifts, first we need to talk about how to score some deals!

Use Ibotta to Get Cashback

This is a very simple trick for saving money almost effortlessly. Using the Ibotta app you get cashback on purchases at hundreds of stores.

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And when I say cashback, I mean you get actual cash, not a credit you can use within the app. Once you’ve reached $20, you can cash out via Venmo or Paypal (or choose a gift card).

Don’t worry, you’ll get to $20 quickly. You get $20 just for signing up!

So, before you do your online shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, download Ibotta so you can put cash back in your pocket when you find the perfect gift for mom.

Below, I’ve highlighted special cashback offers available from Ibotta just for Mother’s Day. These specific cash back offers are good from 4/30/18 through 5/6/18.

Where to Shop Online for Mother’s Day Gifts

Another reason I’m a huge fan of Ibotta is that all of my favorite stores are partnered with them. That means I earn cashback everywhere I shop!

As a result, every single online store I’m about to recommend is a place where you can earn cashback with Ibotta. You’ll be scoring great deals on totally unique and awesome gifts your mom will love.


Etsy is a self-declared “global marketplace for unique and creative goods.” And that description is 100% accurate.

Etsy prides itself on selling items that are created by people, not machines. Thus, the items you’ll find there are far from cookie-cutter.

a screen shot of mother's day gifts available on Etsy

Whether your mom likes jewelry, clothing, home decor, entertaining, art, or crafting, Etsy has something unique she’ll love.

And Ibotta gives you 5% cashback on all Etsy purchases.


If you rolled your eyes at this suggestion, you’ve probably only seen QVC when you were flipping channels looking for a sitcom or thriller to watch. Perhaps you’ve only seen it when they were selling a cleaning appliance you didn’t need.

Skip the programming and head to the website. You’ll see that QVC has innovative and beautiful merchandise at prices that are definite values.

a screenshot of mother's day gifts available on the QVC website

QVC prides itself on curating collections that are relevant to its customers so you can be certain that the products they sell are ones that add value to your life.

On top of the great prices, you also earn an additional 6% cashback when you shop QVC via Ibotta.


I discovered zulily when I wanted high-quality name brand clothes for my kids but didn’t have the budget to outfit all of them that way.

It was the great deal on kids’ clothes that lured me in. It was the amazing deals on everything else that has kept me a loyal customer.

a screenshot of mother's day gifts available on the Zulily website

The items available on zulily change every day, which is why it’s a great place to find amazing gifts you won’t find anywhere else (or might not be able to afford somewhere else).

And even though you’ll find outrageously low prices on some fantastic gift items, you still save even more when you shop zulily through Ibotta! You earn 5% cashback!

Where to Shop Online for Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

If, like me, despite your best efforts end up forgetting about Mother’s Day until the last minute, don’t worry. I have a go-to fallback option that I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve used more than once.

You won’t score any originality points, but you will salvage your mom’s feelings by having SOMETHING show up on Mother’s Day. We’re talking flower delivery.


What I love about ProFlowers is that they have a great collection of beautiful flower assortments that can be delivered the same day you order them. Even better, you earn 11% cashback from Ibotta to take the sting out of that last-minute delivery fee.


Like ProFlowers, 1-800-Flowers.com has a wide assortment of flowers with same-day delivery. They also have some really clever packaging (e.g. pitchers, birdhouses, miniwagons, and even a flower cake!). Plus, they deliver chocolate covered strawberries same-day too.

Personally, chocolate always wins me over so I really like this as a last-minute option. And yep, you guessed it, you get cashback from Ibotta here too – a generous 10%.


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let mom know how much you appreciate her. Don’t just phone it in – she gave you the gift of life! (Sorry, I’m a mom, so guilt trips spontaneously burst out of me.)

Seriously though, with so many great options for finding thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts online, plus an easy way to put cash right back into your pocket when you shop, there’s no reason you shouldn’t knock this Mother’s Day out of the park.

Hint: If you’re worried your own kids are going to fall short with their Mother’s Day gifting, it might not be a bad idea to leave this post open on the family computer. 😉

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