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Free Printable Vacation Packing List

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A vacation packing list is one item that can save you so much stress after you leave home. This free printable vacation packing list will help you get to where you are going with everything you need.

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I love to travel, but it definitely comes with it’s own set of stressors. When we vacation as a family there are a lot of things to remember.

Packing can become overwhelming especially for a longer trip. If you are packing for multiple people having a vacation packing list is essential.

A packing list helps me remember to take along items that I would normally forget to take. It is also a tool I can give each family member so they don’t forget anything!


This vacation packing list has a LOT of items on it. Chances are good that you won’t need everything on the list.

The list is covering all sorts of vacations and weather. Pick and choose which items you will need for your trip and just cross out the items you won’t need for the trip.

There are a few main categories on this vacation packing list. Clothing, toiletries, technology and then misc items are covered.

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It is pretty obvious that you need to pack clothing for a vacation. The problem I hear about frequently is that some important clothing items are generally left at home.

Some items that people often forget are belts, jackets and swimwear. These are things you may not use everyday and are easy to overlook.

It can be very hard to go buy what you need when you are out of town. If you are traveling out of the country it can be almost impossible to replace clothing easily.

Looking over the clothing section on this vacation packing list will help you cover all your clothing bases.

a glass counter with shaving cream, razor, soap dispenser, mouthwash, and toothbrush holder with toothbrushes with a towel on a brick wall in the background

Pro Tip: Pick pieces that are neutral and can easily be interchanged, and add color with accessories. Black, white or beige are great choices.

Beige works great for all seasons. Once you’ve determined what colors go with beige, you can put together multiple outfits with just a few pieces.


The easiest way for me to remember my toiletries is to pack everything I touch/use each morning. These are the easy items to remember.

It gets more difficult when I think about things I use occasionally, but may need while I am gone. If I take these items along it will save me from having to buy them when I am out of town.

Some of the things that I take on vacation that I don’t use daily are:  sunscreen, insect repellent and a thermometer! I can’t even count the number of times a child has started to run a fever on a vacation and that thermometer sure did come in handy.

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Technology is a big part of our lives now and is something to consider when packing for vacation. If you are going to go tech free for the week (and I highly encourage that!!) then you can just skip this section all together!

Most people will want to take at least their cell phone for emergencies. Leaving the power cord behind can be a big headache.

I like to have an eReader with me so I can get some extra reading in while we drive or fly to our destination. These seem to need recharging frequently and the charger is a must.

Extra camera batteries can really save the day too!

a suitcase filled with clothes, passport, tickets, camera, map and flip flops


There are lot of “extras” that we may or may not need on a trip. I will admit I have over packed before.

Sometimes it really pays off and other times I feel like I wasted time and space. I have always wanted to be over prepared rather than under prepared.

You can peruse the misc section of this free printable vacation packing list and see what items you think your family will need.

Be sure you don’t forget the important items like ID, passport and MONEY! 🙂


You can download and print off this handy tool to use before your next trip.

Just fill in the form below to get the Vacation Packing List.

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  1. Great printable! I remember one time (actually I think it was two family vacations in a row!) I forgot to pack pajamas for myself. It’s hard when you’re packing for multiple people to make sure everyone has everything. Now my boys are old enough to pack for themselves and I get to think about what I need. Pinned.


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