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Tips For Decorating a Comfortable And Functional Nursery

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I have never possessed a knack for home decorating, usually relying on the help of friends and the advice of experts. However, the one room in my house I had a clear vision for was my son’s nursery. There’s something about bringing a new life into the world that helps you realize you have a ton of untapped potential, which is probably why I had an uncharacteristic confidence in my ability to create a stunning nursery. Of course it helped too, that I was only aiming to impress a newborn.

So, if you are setting up a nursery, let me assure you that if I was able to create a comfortable and functional nursery, you can too!

My biggest tip (four kids later) is to get over thinking you have to have every piece of nursery furniture available. I did buy a changing table and it was used probably five times. Usually, I would lay my kids on a receiving blanket on the floor and change them there. It’s hard to know before you bring baby home, what your routine will look like so I recommend buying the essentials and waiting to get the items you’re not certain you’ll need until after baby comes home and you realize you DO need them.

Here are some additional tips from Homepolish  on how to make your babe’s first home safe & comfortable, but still functional enough to accommodate your needs and make parenting easy peezy.

Check out these 4 easy improvements for the nursery:

Rocking Chair

A Rocking Chair is a perfect addition to any nursery. The gentle back & forth sway is a surefire way of getting your loved one and maybe even yourself off to the land of dreams. Unlike our changing table, the rocking chair got used A LOT! It is perfect for the nights when you are sleep deprived and trying to get baby back to sleep. It’s much easier to rock in a chair than pace or sway.

Light Dimming

Lighting is essential for any space. Including dimmers in your nursery lighting will ensure that your little one won’t be disturbed by sudden bright lights, but still allows you to see what you need to see. I wish someone had clued me in on this tip before I had kids. I suffered many a stubbed toe trying to sneak my sleeping baby back into his crib.


Babies require an abundant amount of tender loving care, which means you’ll be needing quite a few baby things. Bookshelves & shelving will give you the much needed space to house all your baby’s favorite things. And in case you have a climber, be sure to anchor your bookshelf to the wall.

Starry Night

Creating a starry sky by using wall decals is an easy unobtrusive way of creating a scenery representative of peace, calm, and tranquility. Wall decals are probably my very favorite decorating tool since their easy to remove and replace and your baby grows or your style changes.

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Do you have your own nursery decorating tips or ideas? Please share them in the comments if you do!

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