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Three Ways to Customise Your Candy

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There are many events and opportunities in which the availability and sharing of candy is suitable, such as weddings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, baby showers, and corporate events. Candy is universally appealing, and with the addition of customized designs, the distribution of these treats at special events puts a smile on everyone’s face. The timeless lollipop treat serves as a perfect foundation for creating the classiest designs imaginable. These are just three types of designer lollipop swirls that can be incorporated at your next special occasion:

Lollipops with a Confetti Design

Lollipops with a confetti design are relatively new to the collection of designer candy. Confetti lollipops are clear or transparent lollipops with edible, confetti-like pieces of candy inside. Confetti lollipops are perfect to have in a piñata at a surprise birthday party, as a “thank you” gesture to give out to guests at your wedding or engagement party, or to celebrate an accomplishment, like a graduation. The range of colours allows them to work well as an arrangement in a vase, or a centrepiece at your guests’ tables.

Custom Colour Swirl Lollipops

Adding a dash of classic style to your candy design is made easy with custom colour swirl lollipops. These fun lollipops embrace the old-fashioned design and incorporate modern touches. Custom designed swirl lollipops have proven to be a timeless choice for candy designs, and they can be used for any occasion like a corporate event, with the swirl colours matching and representing the company’s branding colours, and any other event in which colour coordination is desired.

Use Lollipop Centrepieces

It is tradition that people choose to have flowers as their centrepiece. Why not try something different and far more unique, creative and edible? Unlike flowers, lollipop centrepieces can be used for short-lives affairs or for days. Either round or heart-shaped, these lollipops come in a various colours. They also feature a long 33 centimetre stick, making it possible to put inside your favourite vase and place upon your tables.

Do you find yourself in a luxuriant search for creative and unique ways to add decorative treats to your next celebration? If so, then look no further than designer candy. Not only does customising designs onto lollipops break you out of the “norm” box, but it also captivates your guests. If you wish to have your guests marvel over the innovation of the decorative catering choices at your next event, then contact the folks at Designer Candy. All information and candy design options are available at their website: http://designercandy.com.au/



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  1. Lollipops are such a fun candy and lend themselves to so many different craft project ideas.

  2. Such great ideas! I love the idea of making a centerpiece out of lollipops!


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