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Teespring Makes Creating Custom T-Shirts Easy and Affordable

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Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Teespring. All opinions are 100% mine and based on my personal experience with the service.

I recently discovered a company that I am super excited about and that I’m pretty sure you are going to love too. Teespring is a website where you can easily create and sell custom t-shirts for fundraisers, family reunions, team spirit or for profit.

When I say easy, I mean REALLY easy. I’ve created a shirt so that I could check out the process for myself. Below are screenshots from my campaign.


Step 1

When you get to the site, you click the impossible-to-miss “Get started” button.

Teespring Step 1

I started by choosing the shirt style and color I wanted. Since my audience (that’s you!) is primarily women, I went with a women’s relaxed fit. Red seems like a good superhero color so I opted for that. Also, although I do like to watch my pennies, I hate cheap t-shirts so I opted for the better quality for 90 cents more.

Teespring Step 1.5

Step 2

Next, you can add whatever text you want and select the font you want to use. You can change the font color and add an outline if you want.

Teespring Step 2

You also have the option of adding some sort of artwork. If you have something of your own, you simply click “Upload your own” or you can choose “Browse our art library” and select from thousands of images. I was going to add a female superhero silhouette but couldn’t find one in their library, which was surprising because there really are thousands of images to choose from.

If you want to print on the back too, you can do that with a simple click of the “back” button below the shirt. It does add to the cost of the shirt. I skipped it because I don’t like when people laugh at me from behind since I’m not 100% sure they’re laughing at the shirt.

Step 3

Now that we’ve clicked every button on this page, press “Next step” to arrive here.

Teespring Step 3

This is probably the trickiest part of the process since you have to make an educated guess of how many shirts you think you will sell. For the record, I’d like to point out that with most other mass t-shirt orders, you have to guess how many of EACH SIZE you will sell which will sometimes leave you doing a last-minute (i.e. expensive) re-order of XXL shirts and with a stockpile of small shirts you can’t unload.

The shirts will not be printed until your minimum is met so you don’t want to choose a number that you think will take you forever to meet. Of course, your cost drops the higher your sales goal so you don’t want to set it too low either.

Clearly I had no faith in your purchasing intentions because I set my minimum at 10. Because I like round numbers, I rounded it up to $12 which gives me a small profit margin of 85 cents per shirt. So, if I sell 10 shirts, I will earn a grand total of $8.

Step 4

After clicking “Next step” you will come to this page where you can name your campaign, write a description, decide how long you want to run it, and create a custom URL for your shirt. If you want to allow buyers to pick up their orders from you, you can click that link but since I didn’t want a bunch of you showing up on my doorstep I left it blank (no offense).

Teespring Step 4

Shipping costs are really reasonable, especially if you are in the U.S. $3.85 for one shirt and an additional 25 cents for each additional shirt to the same address. Apparently, it’s harder to get to Canada than I thought because it costs $7.50 for the first shirt and $1 for each additional shirt to get your order there. Teespring will also ship international for $10.50 ($1 for each additional).

That’s it! Click “Launch your campaign” and let all your friends, relatives, teammates, customers, etc. know that your shirt is ready to be purchased. By the way, the awesome shirt pictured above is available for you to purchase.

Key Points

So, if you’re a skimmer, let me boil down the key points for you. Teespring rocks because:

  • No inventory
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • No collecting orders or payments
  • Easy design tool
  • Minimum orders as low as 10 items
  • Maximum orders up to 10,000 items
  • Variety of shirt styles, colors, and quality

I’m not the only one who loves Teespring. Here’s what other people are doing with it:

What are you waiting for? Click here to snag yourself one of these snazzy, clever t-shirts designed by yours truly and while you’re there, whip up your own design for that upcoming family reunion, your school spirit wear sales next year, or to raise awareness and funds for a cause you support.


18 thoughts on “Teespring Makes Creating Custom T-Shirts Easy and Affordable”

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  2. Let me get this straight–you buy say 10 shirts–but the company holds them and then sends them to each individual purchaser? If so, then that is a very good deal! It would be perfect for family reunions, baseball teams etc when you need all delivered all at once!!

  3. I liked the idea that they ship international and yet, still affordable. I love to order custom t-shirts for my family abroad.

  4. I will tell my husband and the baseball team about this site. This will be great for their coming fundraising. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really think I am going to have to try this. All I’ll have to do is listen to my hubby for a little while as he always comes up with some good one liners. I have even told him before. That would make a great t-shirt.

    • Make sure to invite me to your campaigns. I love sarcastic t-shirts. Aside from this one, my favorite is “Silently Judging You.”

  6. This is pretty neat. I’ve done something like that but it was for a personalized sticker. I had hard time since i don’t have a very creative mind to create some designs. This one is cool though.

  7. My husband and I have talked about doing this for family reunions. I think this would be perfect for what we want. I like the fact that shipping isn’t expensive too!

  8. I love to workout or lounge around in t-shirts. You can never really have too many. I might have to get some of the other marine wives to go in on some t-shirts with this company.

  9. Yay! I’ve always wanted to find one of these! I always use the one by my house but they are kind of expensive. I’ve just added this to my bookmark on Pinterest. Definitely going to be using it!

  10. I have sent custom t-shirts as gifts before and they loved them!! Will have to keep this post in mind for upcoming birthdays! Thanks for Sharing!


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