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10 Smoothies for Good Health

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Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to sneak nutrition into my kids. They think they’re getting away with an extra dessert since smoothies look and taste a lot like milkshakes. I love them for me since they’re a quick and easy breakfast or snack that I can make and take with me as I head out to run errands. Did you know that by tailoring the ingredients, you can create smoothies that improve your mood, give you extra energy, or help you recover from last night’s party? Here’s a collection of a variety of smoothies for good health to help you with whatever is ailing you.

a strawberry smoothie in a glass next to strawberries on a white background with title text reading Smoothies for Good Health

Brain Smoothie

Does your child have a big test today? Do you need to bring your A-game to work? Try this smoothie recipe packed with ingredients to help nourish your brain.

Smoothie for the Brain infographic

Weight Loss Smoothie

Trying to get in shape for swimsuit season? Sip on this weight loss smoothie instead of empty calorie snacks.

Smoothie for Weight Loss infographic

Energy Smoothie

When you have a ton of things to get done, mix up this energy smoothie to help fuel your productivity.

Smoothie for Energy infographic

Kids Smoothie

If you haven’t won your kids over to the smoothie side of life yet, warm them up to the idea with this kids smoothie that’s sure to indulge even the pickiest eaters.

Kids Smoothie infographic

Party Smoothie

Think beyond breakfast and snack time with your smoothies. Why not bring some health benefits to your happy hour?

Party Smoothie infographic

Hangover Smoothie

Did happy hour run a few hours long? Speed up your recovery the next morning with this hangover smoothie.

Hangover Smoothie infographic

Gluten-Free Smoothie

Chances are you’re either on a gluten-free diet or you know someone who is. Most smoothies are naturally gluten-free, but if you want a smoothie that can stand in for a meal, try this gluten-free smoothie.

Gluten-Free Smoothie infographic

Breakfast Smoothie

Speaking of smoothies standing in for meals, if you’re swapping out yours for breakfast, try this recipe that will keep you sated for hours.

Breakfast Smoothie infographic

Anti-Depressant Smoothie

Skip the Prozac and load up on natural mood-enhancers instead. There are plenty packed in this anti-depressant smoothie.

Anti-Depression Smoothie infographic

Exotic Smoothie

Wish you were on vacation? Let your smoothie take you there! The exotic flavors in this smoothie recipe will make you feel like you’re in a faraway land.

Exotic Smoothie infographic


All of the recipes above are from this handy infographic from freezerlabels.net. You can see the full infographic below which you can print off and keep for handy reference near your blender.

10 Smoothies for Different Occasions infographic


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  2. I’ve just become a recent fan of smoothies. Thanks for all the new recipes to try.

  3. Good info. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!

  4. so many great ideas here! I am printing them out, and plan on trying a new one each week 🙂 Thanks!


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