Tips On How to Get Shopping Deals

I love to get a deal.  Partly, it’s because I think I’m taking care of my family when I do since I’m helping to preserve our financial resources, but also because I feel like I’ve won at something when I manage to get a discount on something I’m SURE other people have paid full price for.

Here are some of my favorite strategies for getting deals:

  • – this website posts tons of deals every day on everything (e.g. groceries, books, clothing, toys).  You can get hot deals sent directly to your phone or e-mail.  The site often does giveaways and constantly posts deals for free samples of products and coupon links to save big on items.
  • Shopkick – this is an app available through both Apple and android app markets that rewards you for shopping at your favorite stores.  You earn “kicks” for walking into certain stores, scrolling through lookbooks, scanning items within stores, and for making purchases at participating stores.  You can redeem your kicks for products or gift cards or you can gift them to someone else.
  • – I ALWAYS check this site before making a purchase anywhere to search for coupon codes and/or printable coupons.  If there is an active coupon for a store, you will find it here.
  • – Like Shopkick, I like using this site because I earn money for buying the items I would be buying anyway.  Ebates pays you a rebate for shopping online via their website.  The rebate percentages vary depending on store, but the site has a daily bonus on select stores and often runs special increases throughout the year on several stores.
  • No matter where you are shopping or what you are buying, it never hurts to ask if it’s possible to get a better price.  This typically works better if it’s a high-priced item, but I have gotten a deal on clothing that was already under $20 by asking for a better price.
  • Likewise, always ask the checkout clerk if the store is running a special that you missed.  Stores often have active coupons that they will allow you to use if you ask for one, even if you don’t have a copy of your own.
  • Sign up for text alerts for the stores where you shop the most because they often will send you coupon codes and their hottest deals.
  • Set up an email account to use ONLY for shopping so you can sign up for all the sales and coupon alerts for the stores you shop without bogging down your regular e-mail.  When you are out shopping, you can pull up your shopping e-mail account and search for the retailer you want to pull up any current sales or coupons.

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