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Life Hacks for Women

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Being creative about how you do things can make the difference between being seen as one who can get things done and one who doesn’t. These little hacks might not seem like a big deal but they will make a big difference in how fast you can get things done and move on.

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Paper Clip Hacks

Most people have paper clips, especially if you work in an office. But there are so many things you can do with a paper clip. For example:

  • Bra Hack – Use a paper clip to pull your bra straps together in the back to avoid straps showing in back-baring shirts.
  • Broken Zipper Tab – If your zipper breaks, weave the paperclip into the hole. Now you have a new zipper tab to keep things closed until you get home.
  • Hair Barrette – Use paper clip as a temporary barrette to keep your hair out of your eyes while working. For a more permanent solution, add some pretty decorations to the paperclip before using it in your hair.

Lipstick Hacks

Yes, lipstick can be used for more than lipstick. Try out these lipstick hacks when you need to or just because you want to.

  • Use as Cheek Color – Using lipstick as cheek color works great, especially if it’s a lighter shade, but even darker shades can be blended to look great.
  • Save Broken Lipstick – Did the bullet of your lipstick break off? No worries; put it inside a pill box and use a lip liner to apply.
  • Melt It – Don’t want to put your broken lipstick into a pill box? That’s okay; melt the area that’s broken and attach it back on the wand.
  • Store It Right – Put your lipstick in the fridge to keep it from getting melted and breaking.
  • Got a Lipstick Stain? – Don’t worry; you can remove it with hairspray.

Storage Hacks

Everyone needs a good way to organize the things you use every day. These storage hacks will help you become more organized and prepared.

  • Magnetized Strip – Use in the bathroom to store all your safety pins, nail care items, and anything that is metal that will stick to the strip.
  • Toilet Paper Rolls – The empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls can be used to organize underwear, scarfs, socks and many other things to make your drawers look neater and fit more in.
  • Wicker Baskets – Use judiciously all over the house to throw things in that don’t belong in that room so that you can easily put them back where they go. If everyone in the house has their own basket then they can take them at the end of each day to put away.
  • Spice Rack – Use in the bathroom for extra storage of cleaning, grooming, and body care items.
  • Straws – Use straws to store necklaces when traveling to avoid a tangled mess when you arrive.
  • Altoids Tins – Use to store staples, paperclips, buttons, twist ties and more neatly. Use a label maker to mark what’s inside so you can easily see without opening. These are also handy to keep in your purse stocked with emergency sewing kit, bandages, or hair ties and bobby pins.

Try these life hacks for women to make your life a little easier than it was yesterday. What are your favorite hacks?

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  1. Hi Wondermom!

    Thanks for sharing these life hacks for women. I love the bra hack! Passing this along to share with the ladies. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!



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