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Kindness Ideas for Preschoolers

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If you are looking to teach your younger children how to get along with others, it starts with how you act. Kids, especially young kids, look to us as adults and parents for how to behave. How you treat others, and especially in front of your kids, will directly impact how they treat others.

And when you treat others with kindness, your kids will start to treat others with kindness.

Seems easy enough, right?

Here are a few simple kindness ideas for preschoolers to get you started.

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Simple Kindness Ideas for Preschoolers

When it comes to kindness ideas for kids, start small. Little things that they might already do.

  • Donating change
  • sharing toys
  • helping around the house
  • baking cookies for the less fortunate or an elderly neighbor
  • using their manners
  • saying something nice to a friend
  • donating (gently used) toys or clothes
  • volunteering at a nursing home or homeless shelter (but use your best judgement and then also be prepared for potential questions that your child may have)


One way that we like to get our kids involved in giving back is to volunteer our time and talents to the Ronald McDonald House. They have many needs and many ways for us to get involved.

Whether it’s helping out with cleaning, making a home-cooked meal, or donating money; there’s really a way for everyone to get involved.

Making Cards

Another simple kindness idea for preschoolers, is to make cards.

You can make any sort of card you like really and I’m sure that your child will love decorating them to their heart’s content. Beyond just a birthday card, make cards for:

  • Get well
  • I miss you
  • Just saying hello
  • A neighborly hello
  • A virtual hug for you
  • Spreading some sunshine

The possibilities really are endless!

Friendliness and Affection

Kindness isn’t just limited to these gestures or actions, of course. You can also encourage your children to spread a bit of cheer with a smile.

Depending on how well they know someone, a hug can make a huge difference. But do not force or press this issue. If your child is truly uncomfortable with hugging, don’t force it. You can still make someone’s day with a genuine smile or a heartfelt message.


Kindness also goes beyond how you act, but also with what you say.

Talk to your kids about kindness and why kindness matters. Believe it or not, having a mindset of kindness and giving back? This goes a long way when it comes to raising grateful kids.

Kindness Begins at Home

Kindness also begins at home. Show your kids what kindness means to you. It can be something as simple as putting away toys or saying something nice.

And even the youngest of kids can get in on this. In fact, I’ve created a free set of printable kindness ideas for preschoolers cards for you. There are 4 pages total but they’re all the same ideas. You just have two patterns and two plain sheets depending on your preferences.

Click this link to get the free cards –>> Printable Kindness Cards for Preschoolers

These really are simple things and some may take longer to complete than others.


Another thing you can do? When you are out shopping, maybe consider purchasing a few extra things (as your budget allows) that you can donate to the less fortunate. It doesn’t always have to be a clothing item or a toy. You can also purchase food items or personal items.

These simple kindness ideas for preschoolers may not seem like much right now. But a little bit will really go a long way. It all starts to add up and sink in.

And remember- it all begins with you.


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