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Quick And Easy Kid-Friendly Go-To Meals

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Richa and Gabay Potluck

Let’s be honest.  Although we’d love to plan a variety of delicious, wholesome meals for every night of the week, what usually happens is that we run out of food and are forced to throw together a menu and related shopping list in a hurry. Even now, we use our Instant Pot recipes to put a little bit of a dent into this chaos.

When this happens (for me, more usually than not), it’s nice to have a solid list of meals that you know your family will enjoy.  Since I have four very diverse, picky eaters in my family I’m hoping my family’s tested and approved menus will work for you.

You won’t find any casseroles here.  Most of these meals are easy to customize for each person.  In our family, each person typically helps prepare his or her own servings which provides the added perk of more family time together and better buy-in from the eaters.

The best feature of these meals is that they are quick and easy to prepare.

Kid Friendly Go To Recipes to Print

To help get you started, I am also including a few of our favorite recipes in a handy PDF! All you have to do is click and print it off to add to your meal planning rotation.

* Since there are few cooked vegetables that all my kids agree on and I don’t like salad, we usually put out a fresh veggie platter to munch on as we prepare dinner and during dinner.  Ours includes baby carrots, celery sticks, mushrooms, bell pepper strips, and cherry tomatoes.

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