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Keep Your Home Tidy and Clean Following an Effective Declutter Routine

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A well-organized, clean home comes with a number of benefits. It will improve your overall quality of life, increase your motivation, concentration, and creativity, and reduce your levels of stress. And these are only some of the advantages of maintaining your living space at its best.

The good news is keeping your home clean and tidy hardly requires hours of your precious time. All it takes is persistence and commitment.

Following this strict, yet effective de-cluttering routine requires no more than 15 minutes of your time each day. For instance, on Monday, you can spend some time on your bathroom, on Tuesday you can do some work in the kitchen and so on.

Stick to it and reap the benefits of living in a tidy, clutter-free home.

De-clutter Your Bathroom

Removing clutter from your bathroom is easy when you do it regularly. We suggest you go through this ritual every Monday as this will allow you to start the week afresh.

Grab a garbage bag and dispose of all empty paper towel rolls, shampoo and shower gel bottles. Place a new bar of soap on the sink, collect the dirty towels to be washed and replace them with clean ones before you proceed to empty the trash bin.

All items like jewelry and clothing that don’t belong in the bathroom should be put in their rightful places. Wipe clean the sink and the countertops, mop the floor and you’re good to go.

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Next Stop – The Bedroom

It would be a good idea to use a hamper or a large basket to collect all dirty pieces of clothing in. Provided that there are any empty perfume bottles or toiletries, you no longer intend to use on your dresser, you should dispose of them as these belong in the garbage bin.

Arrange all items on your night table and remove those which are out of place, for instance, work papers, books, empty cups and plates. If you have a little extra time, check the drawers for more clutter. You can also dust your night table and dresser.

Proceed by De-cluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in your home that can be easily transformed into a pigsty in a matter of days, that is if you skip on your kitchen cleaning ritual. Since this is the place you and your family dine and exchange impressions from the day, you should do your best to maintain it clean and tidy.

Do your dishes immediately after you have used them. Empty the trash bin and wipe clean all appliances to remove food residue and grease splatters.

Check the shelves to see whether all your spice jars and condiment bottles are neatly arranged and facing front so you can see their labels. Open the fridge, collect all old food, vegetables, and fruit and throw them away.

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Don’t Skip on the Hallway

De-cluttering this particular area on a daily basis will save you lots of time and efforts in the long run. You should begin by removing all unnecessary clothing and accessories from the rack in the hallway.

If it’s summer already, you don’t need your winter coat and gloves hanging around, do you? The same applies to footwear – no boots in the hallway in the summer.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you should check your gym bag for dirty gym wear to toss in the laundry basket. Vacuum the floor, place your keys in the key-holder and you’re done.

Finally – The Living Room

The living room is probably the easiest room to maintain clean and tidy, of course, if some level of organization is already at hand, meaning that your books, DVDs and CDs should be stacked in the same place. The same applies in full force to remote controls – these belong in a tray or a small box, designated for that particular purpose.

As we’ve said, this is the easiest room to clean, so we recommend you leave it for Fridays. After a long week at work, you will hardly feel like spending more than 15 minutes de-cluttering your living room. Then again, dusting the furniture, vacuuming and setting things at their rightful places will hardly require more than 15 minutes of your time.

Go through these cleaning rituals regularly and you will manage to completely declutter your living space in less than two weeks. 15 minutes a day are all it takes to maintain a clean and neat home. Overtime, these rituals will become habits and it will be much easier for you to stay on task.

Here’s a handy checklist you can print off and use as a reminder until these rituals become habits.

printable effective de-clutter routine checklist

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