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How To Dominate At Word Games

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I have a crazy love of word games. Scrabble and Boggle have long been my favorite board games, I play Words with Friends almost every day for at least a few minutes, and I look forward every morning to solving the daily jumble while I sip my morning coffee.

Use A Secret Weapon When You Play Scrabble

Because I enjoy these games so much and play them so often, I have an unfair advantage over my friends and family members who I can occasionally con into playing a word game with me. So, I let my family use a secret weapon if they agree to play with me. They get to use the Scrabble Word Finder from BoLS Board Games to help them find words they can make using the letters they have and open letters on the board.

Truth being told, I have also used the Scrabble Word Finder when I am stacked against a challenging opponent in Words with Friends and want the bonus points for using all my letters. It’s also helpful when you have a “q” but no “u” and there aren’t any letters left to draw. It’s amazing how many words I have learned by using this tool. Did you know that mixt, qi, jo, and aba are all legitimate words? Well, they are!

Scrabble Dictionary Is Helpful When You Play The Game

We also use the Scrabble Dictionary on BoLS Board Games as our “official” dictionary when we play Scrabble. It’s more convenient than our standard Webster’s dictionary since we can access it anywhere. This is very helpful when we are playing travel Scrabble or if we are playing at someone else’s house since dictionary versions vary greatly. (Yes, I realize this is a little hard core but I tried to prepare you for this in the introduction when I explained my obsession with word games.)

I probably don’t need to mention it, but in case you are a new visitor to Wondermom Wannabe and don’t know yet how reluctant I am to part with money, these online helpers are totally FREE. There’s no reason to suffer word game mediocrity when it’s so easy (and free) to improve your game. Check them out and then feel free to challenge me to a game of Words with Friends (my user name is 1dermomwannabe).

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