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Great Products for Moms To Make Life Better

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My friend owns her own business making a children’s product and so she attends several shows each year to showcase her products and generate new sales.  One of the perks of being her friend is getting to tag along to help her with her booth, which gives me the opportunity to browse all the other products at the show.  

Great Products For Moms From The New York International Gift Fair

During our most recent trip to the New York International Gift Fair, I happened upon a couple of great products for Wondermom Wannabes.  These companies did NOT offer me free product or any type of compensation to promote their products.  In fact, they didn’t know I have a website since I was there as an exhibitor.  My point:  I’m promoting these products solely because I think they are great.


Speaking of cell phones, another great product for moms who are prone to dropping their phones, or rely on pinterest for whipping up dinner, is the FlyGrip.  It’s a clip that attaches to the back of your phone that allows you to securely hold your phone and text with one hand but can also be used as a stand.  It comes in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose one that coordinates with your phone and/or expresses your personality.  To buy, go to shop.flygrip.com.


If you ever experience pain, stress, or insomnia, you have to try this mat.  If you never experience those three things, you are on the wrong website–you’re either a real wondermom or you have no desire to be since us wannabes experience one of those three things on a daily basis.  So, for you wannabes, check out this accupressure mat with a weird name.  If you’re interested in all the science behind it, check out their site (spoonkspace.com).  All I know is that 10 minutes on the spoonk left me completely relaxed and it somehow soothed my friend’s shoulder pain.  You can buy directly from their website or find them on Amazon.

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