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Foods That Start With L

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Get ready to explore a variety of delectable foods that start with the letter L. If you are looking to broaden your culinary horizons or impress your friends and family with new dishes, you have come to the right place.

From luxurious lobster to luscious lychee fruit, we have something for every palate. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds as we take you on a journey through some of the most mouth-watering foods that start with L.

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🍽️ Foods That Start With L

If you just want a simple, straightforward list of foods beginning with the letter [ ], here is a list of 100:

  1. Labneh
  2. Ladyfingers
  3. Lamb
  4. Lamington
  5. Lard
  6. Lasagna
  7. Lassi
  8. Latte
  9. Lattice pie
  10. Lavash
  11. Lavender
  12. Laver
  13. Laverbread (Welsh seaweed delicacy)
  14. Leeks
  15. Lemon
  16. Lemonade
  17. Lemonade slush
  18. Lemonade stand
  19. Lemon almond biscotti
  20. Lemon balm
  21. Lemon basil pesto
  22. Lemon blueberry muffin
  23. Lemon caper sauce
  24. Lemon chia seed pudding
  25. Lemon chicken
  26. Lemon chicken piccata
  27. Lemon coconut bars
  28. Lemon coconut energy balls
  29. Lemon coriander soup
  30. Lemon cream pie
  31. Lemon cucumber salad
  32. Lemon curd
  33. Lemon curd tart
  34. Lemon dill salmon
  35. Lemon drizzle cake
  36. Lemon garlic hummus
  37. Lemon garlic roasted potatoes
  38. Lemon garlic shrimp
  39. Lemon ginger chicken stir-fry
  40. Lemon ginger tea
  41. Lemon glazed salmon
  42. Lemon granita
  43. Lemon herb quinoa
  44. Lemon herb roasted chicken
  45. Lemon honey glazed carrots
  46. Lemon lavender cookies
  47. Lemon lime soda
  48. Lemon meringue pie
  49. Lemon myrtle
  50. Lemon olive oil
  51. Lemon pepper chicken
  52. Lemon pepper seasoning
  53. Lemon poppy seed muffin
  54. Lemon raspberry cake
  55. Lemon ricotta pancakes
  56. Lemon rosemary roasted vegetables
  57. Lemon salad dressing
  58. Lemon sesame chicken
  59. Lemon shortbread cookies
  60. Lemon sole
  61. Lemon sorbet
  62. Lemon tart
  63. Lemon tartlet
  64. Lemon thyme
  65. Lemon thyme chicken
  66. Lemon verbena
  67. Lemon walnut loaf
  68. Lemon zest
  69. Lentils
  70. Lentil soup
  71. Lettuce
  72. Licorice
  73. Lima beans
  74. Lime
  75. Limeade
  76. Limeade popsicle
  77. Lime chicken
  78. Lime jelly
  79. Lime pie
  80. Lime sorbet
  81. Lime zest
  82. Lingonberry
  83. Linguica (Portuguese sausage)
  84. Linguine
  85. Lobster
  86. Lobster bisque
  87. Lollipop
  88. Lomo saltado (Peruvian stir-fry)
  89. Longan
  90. Loquat
  91. Lotus root
  92. Love apple (another name for tomato)
  93. Low-fat yogurt
  94. Lox
  95. Lychee

🍎 Fruits That Start With L

Lemon: a yellow citrus fruit with acidic juice and aromatic rind.

Lime: a small, green citrus fruit with acidic juice and a sour taste.

Lingonberry: a red berry that grows in the wild in Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. It has a tart flavor similar to cranberries and is often used in jams or sauces.

Longan: a small, round fruit with a thin, brownish-yellow shell and translucent white flesh. It has a sweet flavor with hints of musk and honey.

Loquat: an orange-yellow fruit with juicy flesh and large seeds. It has a sweet flavor similar to apricot or peach.

Lychee: a small, round fruit with a hard, rough skin that is red or pink in color. It has sweet, white flesh and one large seed.

🥦 Vegetables That Start With L

Leek: a vegetable related to onions and garlic with long green leaves and a white bulb, commonly used in soups and stews.

Lettuce: a leafy green vegetable often used as the base of salads.

Lima beans: also known as butter beans, these are large, flat edible seeds that are often cooked and served as a side dish.

Long beans: also known as yardlong beans or Chinese long beans, these are long, thin pods commonly used in Asian cuisine for stir-fries and curries.

Lotus root: an edible rhizome that is often used in Asian cuisine for its crunchy texture and sweet flavor.

Luffa: also called loofah or sponge gourd, this vegetable is often used in Asian cuisine and can be eaten raw or cooked.

🥨 Snacks That Start With L

Larabar: A healthy snack bar made from whole food ingredients such as nuts and fruit.

Lays: Thin and crispy potato chips available in various flavors.

Lemonheads: Small, sour candies with a lemon flavor.

Lentil Chips: Crunchy chips made from lentil flour that come in various flavors like sea salt and jalapeno.

Licorice: A chewy candy made from licorice root extract that is often flavored with anise or other ingredients.

Life Savers: Ring-shaped hard candies available in fruity flavors like cherry, lime, and orange.

Little Debbie Snacks: A line of popular snack cakes and treats including Swiss Rolls, Nutty Bars, and Cosmic Brownies.

Lollipop: A small, sweet treat on a stick that comes in a variety of colors and flavors.

Lotus Biscoff cookies: Thin, crunchy cookies with a caramelized flavor that pair well with coffee or tea.

🧁 Desserts That Start With L

Ladyfingers: Delicate, sponge-like biscuits often used in desserts like tiramisu or charlotte cake.

Lava Cake: A decadent chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate center.

Layer Cake: A cake consisting of multiple layers stacked on top of each other with frosting in between.

Lemon Bars: A sweet, tangy dessert made with a shortbread crust and lemon filling.

Lemon Meringue Pie: A classic pie made with lemon custard filling and fluffy meringue topping.

Lime Tart: A citrusy dessert made from lime juice, sugar, eggs, and butter baked in a tart shell.

Linzer Torte: A traditional Austrian dessert consisting of a buttery crust filled with raspberry jam and topped with slivered almonds.

Lollipop Cake: A whimsical dessert where lollipops are stuck into a frosted cake to create an eye-catching design.

🍹Drinks That Start With L

Lassi: A yogurt-based drink that originated in India. It can be sweet or savory and may contain fruit or spices.

Latte: A type of coffee made with espresso and steamed milk.

Lemonade: A sweet and tangy drink made from lemon juice, sugar, and water.

Lillet: A French aperitif wine made from a blend of Bordeaux wines and citrus liqueurs.

Limoncello: An Italian liqueur made from lemon zest steeped in vodka or grain alcohol and sweetened with sugar syrup.

Long Island Iced Tea: A potent cocktail made from vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, tequila, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a splash of cola.

🧂 Condiments, Herbs, & Spices That Start With

Lavender: An herb with a floral taste often used in desserts or teas but can also be used as an ingredient in savory dishes.

Lemon Curd: A sweet-tart spread made from lemon juice, eggs, sugar and butter.

Lemongrass: An aromatic grass that adds a citrusy flavor to Southeast Asian dishes like curry or noodles.

Lemon Pepper: A seasoning made with lemon zest and cracked black pepper.

Light Mayonnaise: A low-fat version of mayonnaise made with egg yolks, oil, vinegar, and other seasonings

Lime Leaves: Fragrant leaves used in Southeast Asian cooking particularly Thai and Indonesian cuisine

Lingonberry Jam: A tart-sweet jam made from lingonberries that is often served with meat dishes in Scandinavian cuisine.

Liquid Smoke: A liquid flavoring used to add a smoky flavor to meat, tofu or vegetables.

🥩 Meat Dishes That Start With L

Lamb Chops: Tender and juicy meat cutlets taken from lamb, usually cooked by grilling or pan-frying and seasoned with herbs.

Lamb Curry: A flavorful Indian dish made with lamb, curry spice blend, tomatoes and onions.

Lapin à la Moutarde: French-style rabbit stewed in white wine & Dijon mustard sauce topped with bacon.

Lechon: A Filipino-style roast pig seasoned with various herbs and spices traditionally served during special occasions

Liver Pâté: A spread made from cooked liver blended with fat and seasonings like garlic, herbs, and spices.

Lomo Saltado: A Peruvian stir-fry dish made with marinated strips of beef, vegetables, soy sauce, and spices like cumin and garlic.

London Broil: A lean cut of beef usually marinated then broiled or grilled to preserve its tenderness

Longganisa: A type of Filipino sausage flavored with garlic. It can be eaten as a breakfast food or used as an ingredient in other dishes like fried rice or noodles.

🥗 Vegetarian Dishes That Start With L

Lasagna: An Italian dish consisting of layers of pasta sheets filled with tomato sauce, cheese (such as ricotta or mozzarella), spinach/vegetables/mushrooms plus various seasonings.

Leek and Potato Soup: A creamy soup made from pureed leeks and potatoes seasoned with herbs like thyme or rosemary.

Lemon Asparagus Risotto: A creamy rice dish made with arborio rice, vegetable broth, asparagus spears cooked in lemon juice and zest to give it a tangy taste.

Lentil Loaf: A vegetarian version of meatloaf made from lentils, breadcrumbs, eggs, and seasonings like sage or parsley.

Lentil Soup: A hearty soup made with lentils, vegetables, and spices like cumin and turmeric.

Lettuce Wraps: Asian-inspired appetizer consisting of lettuce leaves filled with stir-fried vegetables such as mushrooms or carrots along with seasoned tofu or tempeh

Linguine with Garlic and Oil: A simple yet flavorful pasta dish made with linguine noodles, garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes.

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins: Baked sweet potato skins topped with black beans, corn kernels & cheese then garnished with salsa verde

💙 Food Brand Names That Start With L

Now that we’ve covered all the foods starting with L pretty thoroughly, let’s end with some popular food-related brands you’ll recognize from grocery stores and local shopping and dining spots.

Land O’Lakes: An American dairy company famous for its butter, cheese, and other dairy products.

Larabar: A brand of healthful snack bars made with nuts, fruits, and spices.

Lay’s: A brand of potato chips and other snack foods owned by Frito-Lay.

Life Cereal: A breakfast cereal produced by Quaker Oats Company known for its light sweetness and crunchy texture.

Lindt: A Swiss chocolatier known for its premium chocolate bars, truffles, and other confections.

Lipton: A brand of tea and tea-related products, including iced tea mixes and soup packets.

Log Cabin Syrup: A popular pancake syrup brand produced in North America since 1887.

Lucky Charms: A brand of breakfast cereal made by General Mills featuring multi-colored marshmallow shapes.

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