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Family Friendly Valentine Ideas

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One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is that it gives you the opportunity and incentive to express your feelings for the people you care about. While some people limit their displays to those individuals for whom they feel romantic love, I like to use Valentine’s Day to show my love for my entire family and my close friends. Here are my favorite family friendly Valentine ideas.


a pink dotted paper with a white heart overlay with text reading Family Friendly Valentine Ideas



Heart-Shaped Breakfast

Surprise the kids on Valentine’s morning with heart-shaped eggs or pancakes. It’s easy to do with these heart molds.


heart shaped molds for eggs or pancakes


Fill their room with red, pink, and white balloons. You could also use Valentine-themed balloons like these.
red, pink, and white heart shaped balloons


Hide Kisses and Hugs

Kids love Hershey’s Kisses and because they are so small, they are easy to hide in all kinds of places. You can either leave them in obvious places they will notice as they get ready for school (e.g. in the silverware drawer, by the toothpaste, in a backpack) or you can stash them less conspicuously and send the kids on a treasure hunt.

Watch “A Charlie Brown Valentine” Together

For some reason, my kids love watching all the classic Charlie Brown movies as a family. I’m secretly elated since watching them brings back fond memories for me from my childhood. Plus, I’m a little impressed that something lacking computer animation and special effects can hold their attention.


Charlie Brown Valentine movie


Plant a Tickle Me Plant Together

I haven’t done this yet, but I am trying it this year. The kid comes with everything you need to grow a plant that moves when you tickle it. Supposedly the leaves will close and the branches fall down if you blow a kiss at the plant. Since it can be grown indoors, the cool February weather shouldn’t be a deterrent.
containers to plant the tickle me plant


Give Love Coupons

By mid-February, we’ve usually recovered from our Christmas spending but the memories of those bills still has me budget-conscious. As a result, I like to keep our Valentine gifting as inexpensive as possible. That’s why “love coupons” are popular in my house. My husband gets Love Coupons and my children get Kid Coupons.

                                      Love Coupons 2printable kid coupons



More Ideas?

Do you have your own family Valentine’s Day traditions? If you have a family friendly Valentine idea please share it with us in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Family Friendly Valentine Ideas”

  1. Love all of these ideas, especially the pancake one! I think it would be fun to serve your family heart shaped pancakes! Great ideas.

  2. What fun ideas. I used to make heart shaped pancakes for Valentine’s Day. The mold was lost in one of our many moves. I think I’ll get a new one and surprise the kiddos next month.

  3. Love it! Now I won’t forget St. Valentine’s day like I usually do!


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