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Easy Party Favors and Gift Ideas with Brookside Chocolates

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One of my best tricks for easy gift giving is to keep items on hand that I know people love (because I love them too!). Since Brookside Chocolates are a staple in my pantry, these tasty morsels often work themselves into my party favors and gift ideas.

a collage of Brookside Chocolates in tins and in a gift basket with title text reading Easy Favor & Gift Ideas

Why Brookside Chocolates?

When it comes to chocolate, you literally have hundreds of choices. I choose Brookside Chocolates for several reasons.

1. Exotic Flavors

You’ve probably heard about “superfoods” like acai and goji. It can be intimidating to try new flavors – until you wrap them in chocolate!

2. Variety

When I have a glass of cabernet sauvignon, I love slightly tart sweetness of Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji & Raspberry Flavors. The fruity finish of a merlot, however, matches better with Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry Flavors.

For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, a handful of Brookside Crunchy Clusters perks me up in a few small bites. If you prefer a bar, Brookside has those too!

three different bags of Brookside Chocolates on a brown background

3. Readily Available

One of the reasons I always stock Brookside Chocolates is that they’re available almost everywhere I shop. You can find them at Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Walgreen’s (just to name a few).

Easy Party Favors

I appreciate when my friends make time in their schedules to spend time with me. That’s why I love to provide small party favors when I host special events at my home.

I keep a stock of these favor tins on hand. In just a few minutes, I can fill several of them with Brookside chocolates. Then, just a short strand of ribbon wrapped around the tin is all it takes to create an attractive party favor my guests are thrilled to receive.

3 tins of chocolates, two of them wrapped with a red ribbon, with a bag of Brookside chocolates in the background, all on a brown table

One bag of Brookside Chocolates will easily fill 4 of these tins if you fill them to the top.

4 tins of chocolates, two of them wrapped with a red ribbon, with a bag of Brookside chocolates in the background, all on a brown counter

Easy Gift Idea

One of my favorite indulgences at the end of a long week is to enjoy a glass of wine and a handful of Brookside Chocolates after dinner. Based on conversations with my friends, I know I’m not the only one who loves this delicious combination when unwinding.

That’s why my go-to gift basket idea is one filled with Brookside Chocolates and wine. You can throw in a couple of wine glasses, line the basket with a cloth napkin, and fill a decorative jar with some of the chocolates to really dress up the presentation.

a gift basket with a bag of Brookside chocolate, two wine glasses, a bottle of red wine and a tin of chocolates wrapped with a red ribbon

In a hurry? Grab a bottle of wine and a bag of Brookside Chocolates and put them in a gift bag together. Perfect hostess gift in under a minute.

So, if you want to be ever-ready to throw an impromptu party or put together an amazing last-minute gift, stock your pantry with a variety of Brookside Chocolates. If a gifting opportunity doesn’t present itself, you’ll have a delicious treat for yourself available when you need it!

For your sweet side, your sassy side, your outgoing side and your I-need-a-moment-to-myself side, Brookside Chocolates are perfect for all your sides.

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