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Easy, DIY Door Hangers

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A short while ago, I wrote about the family mailboxes that we have on our bedroom doors to leave messages for one another. Once my kids started having fun with this, they started posting handmade signs on their doors as well as messages for any “visitors” who came to leave mail. This overload of tape and paper on the door started to overwhelm my OCD-wired brain so I knew I’d have to come up with something that was less of an eyesore (not to mention, less of a drain on our office supplies). Wandering through the craft section at Walmart, I found some plain, wood door hangers and decided these would be perfect.

DIY Door Hangers

DIY Door Hanger with the word hello written on it and a flower drawn on it with title text reading Easy, DIY Door Hangers


The suggestions on the package recommended painting the door hangers. I suppose you could also use permanent markers. We opted to use decorative paper (with a little homemade mod podge) and chalkboard paint (so that we could easily change our messages whenever we wanted).

Here are all of the supplies we used

Materials needed to make a DIY door hanger

How We Made A Door Hanger

First, we turned the paper over and traced the door hanger on the back.

a wooden door hanger on a piece of paper ready to be traced


Next, we cut out the traced hanger from the paper and mod podged it onto the wood door hanger.

a door hanger covered in decorative paper


We used painters tape to mark off the section we wanted to paint with chalkboard paint.

a door hanger with a frame of painter's tape on it


Finally, we painted the door hangers and let them dry overnight.

a door hanger with painter's tape and black paint on it


Voila! We each had our own, customized door hanger.

4 different colored DIY Door Hangers with title text reading Easy, DIY Door Hangers



Since my crafting ability is practically non-existent, I can promise you that if we could make these, anyone can. These are truly easy, DIY door hangers–a fun way for your kids (and you) to personalize your bedroom door.

6 thoughts on “Easy, DIY Door Hangers”

  1. These are really cute. I love the chalkboard area! I wish I had a little one to do this with! You could loan me one!

  2. What a great idea! I have to share this with my sister too, I’m sure her kids would love this.

  3. HI Corinne – These are adorable and they look so easy to make. How much fun for the family to be able to change out their messages with the chalkboard paint. Hugs, Holly

  4. nicely done… I have to admit I love that my kids want to spend time with me, but sometimes I need the “Keep Out” sign on my bedroom!

  5. Corinne, these are too cute and how fun to have one each family member’s door. I think you’ve graduated in crafting class to the next level!

  6. These are so cute, thank you for sharing your idea. I should make keep out signs for my bed room door. hahah


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