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6 Benefits of Homeschooling For Parents And Kids

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Although I don’t homeschool my kids, the possibility has always existed for me since I never know where the Marine Corps will send us. As a mom blogger, I network with many parenting and education experts so I know that homeschooling is becoming more common. With no experience in this field, I didn’t have any expertise to draw from to help my readers make an informed decision about homeschooling so I’ve invited someone who is an expert to share some of the benefits of homeschooling for those of you who are trying to decide if homeschooling is right for your family.

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Benefits of Homeschooling

Over 2 million kids are learning the ropes exclusively at home in the US. Homeschooling is on the rise with a 7-15% growth rate. The successes and controversies around homeschooling have garnered interest among many parents who want to homeschool their children instead of following the traditional academic approach. If you’re a parent who is looking to homeschool your kids, here are some benefits that will help you make up your mind.

Freedom of making Academic Choices

Almost all homeschooled children have the chance to make their educational decisions. They can choose to learn what they want, for how long they want to. This doesn’t mean that they don’t cover and internalize the fundamentals of each subject.

Nevertheless, it is possible for each child to proceed at his/her preferred pace. Homeschooling considers the choice of the individual and their ability to comprehend, allowing the same lessons to be learned at different paces for different ages.

Feeling Empowered

Although leaving the traditional school system might be troubling for some, most parents and children who take up homeschooling state that they feel more empowered afterwards. Their lives don’t need to be restricted by fixed class hours, home assignments, and the school logbook. Instead, these families can arrange mid-semester excursions, visit the parks and galleries on weekdays; meaning that they can live on their own terms.

No Unpleasant Emotions

Unfortunately, children are exposed to many negative socialization aspects in the schools. They have to suffer regularly from peer pressure, rivalry among classmates, cliques and of course, bullying at school. These things can leave serious emotional scars among impressionable young children.

Studies have shown that early teens suffer more from these, and most of them suffer from confidence issues in their middle school years. However, homeschooled early teens show no signs like this. Homeschooled children can dress, act, and think on their volition, without feeling the need to fit themselves in or the fear of being ridiculed. Fads or hazardous decisions don’t dictate their lives.

Emphasis on Religious Convictions

Religious beliefs are an imperative aspect of the identity of many families. Homeschooling gives the chance to families to fuse their ideas into their day-by-day lives.

Close-knit Family Relationships

Every homeschooling family finds more opportunities to gel as a unit from the activities of homeschooling. They feel more united and develop closer family bonds because of learning, staying and playing together.

Ample Opportunity to Rest

The prospect of early morning classes is enough to destroy any interest to learn among numerous youngsters, particularly the individuals who are not morning persons. Long class hours, loads of homework, the general rush – all of these can cause a child to feel depleted and weary. Homeschooling, on the other hand, lets your child rest and take a nap if necessary. The routine is flexible and as a result, your children are more energetic and take the most out of their lessons.

Homeschooling requires effort and sacrifice. For parents, it can be a very rewarding process and something that can unite the family.

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