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Clever And Amazing Beauty Hacks

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I came upon this infographic while stumbling posts on StumbleUpon. Since I love hacks (time-saving tips to help you do more with less) of ANY kind, I was pulled in immediately from the title. I like to look pretty! I was thrilled to find amazing beauty hacks and since the site I found it on included an embed code and permission to share it, I’m passing on these great tips to you!

I was already using a couple of these hacks (Vaseline is my go-to lip protectant and I use apple cider vinegar to rinse my homemade rosemary mint shampoo out of my hair), but most of these were brand new to me.

The Amazing Beauty Hacks I’m Trying

I’m testing out the apple cider vinegar on my age spots (fingers crossed it really works!). And I’ve already been using coconut oil for lots of other things and have a good supply so I’ll be trying all of the hacks from the infographic. Is there anything coconut oil can’t do?

Tips I’m Skeptical About

I was skeptical about some of the suggestions below so I researched some of the claims that I thought were pretty odd.

Strawberries to whiten teeth? It turns out that the mixture described in the image can be effective at making your teeth appear whiter since it’s effective at removing surface plaque. However, it also weakens your teeth so dental professionals do not recommend this strategy for long-term or permanent teeth whitening.

Another tip that I was skeptical about was the one about apples fighting acne. It turns out, including apples in your diet (eat them, don’t rub them on your face) can help your skin fight acne. But you have to regularly include them in your diet and the benefit takes time to build up. Don’t eat an apple tonight and expect to have perfectly clear skin tomorrow morning.

If you’ve tried any of these hacks already, please share your results with me in the comments. I’d love to know how well they work (or don’t). I’ll be sharing my results too after I’ve tested them long enough to know if they work.

Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Beauty Hacks
Courtesy of: Infographic Journal

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