The Importance of Silverware

Silverware Product Shoot

Like many items in life, silverware has a function in society that can be easily forgotten. It is commonly seen as a utensil that puts food from a plate to a mouth. However, silverware has other important functions.   Forrest Tanaka / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Style and Décor One of the great benefits of…  Read More

BLT Appetizer Cups

BLT Appetizer Cups 2

My favorite sandwich is a BLT, though I usually substitute spinach for the lettuce to pack in extra vitamins and nutrients. So, when I was trying to come up with some new appetizer ideas for our upcoming Super Bowl party, I decided to use the BLT as my inspiration.     Print BLT Appetizer Cups…  Read More

The Best Resources For Bloggers

Best Resources for Bloggers

Bloggers know that there’s a lot more to blogging than typing your thoughts. In addition to having some knowledge or skill to share with our audiences, we have to learn html, photography, SEO, and social media, among many other things. Most of us bumble along learning as we go and our greatest resource for information…  Read More

Everyday Fitness

The number one reason people don’t workout is lack of time. When life gets busy and I find it difficult to make time to workout, I work exercise into my daily life. It’s easier than you’d think. The trick is to assign exercises to your daily activities. 10 squats doesn’t take much time and isn’t…  Read More