Design A Bathroom With Vintage Style

Design A Bathroom With Vintage Style Combining the graceful, retro style of vintage with the clean, sleek lines of contemporary can create a space with stunning design appeal. By selecting the right bathtubs, sinks and faucets, you can design a bathroom with vintage style.   Bathtubs Freestanding and soaking tubs are reminiscent of old cast…  Read More

Building the Body’s Immune System Through Vaccinations

The human body is a miraculous machine. A built-in thermostat, electrical regulating device, and a network of interconnected vessels are just a few of the systems that work together to produce amazing results. One of the most fascinating systems in the body is the immune system. Strategically built to attack viruses, bacteria, and other foreign…  Read More

Top 5 Reasons I Love CRYSTAL LIGHT


“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for CRYSTAL LIGHT. I received a gift card to purchase CRYSTAL LIGHT products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” I’ve written before about the importance of staying well hydrated. Cliff notes version: reduces stress,…  Read More

Choosing the Perfect Toolbox

Choosing the Perfect Toolbox Whether you want to work on your house, add on to an existing structure, or simply get organized for upcoming projects, the right toolbox is a must-have for any homeowner. If you’ve been working on projects and home improvements for years without the right toolbox, you’ll be surprised at just how…  Read More

Tips for Foreign Travel

One of the perks of choosing your friends wisely is that every once in a while, when one of those friends does something amazing to further herself or her career, you get to go along for the ride. That is how I scored a trip to Germany under the guise of helping my friend “work.”…  Read More

Where to Find Unique Gifts

If you’ve read any of my articles on gift-giving, you know that I hold gift cards in disdain. Nothing says, “I’m giving you this gift out of a sense of obligation because I clearly know nothing about you personally” like a gift card. The exception is when you are providing gifts to teenagers who are…  Read More

Why Sleepaway Camps Are Great For Kids

This past summer one of my friends, who I affectionately refer to as a helicopter-mom, shocked me when she announced, “My kids just returned from a summer sleepaway camp.” Granted, her twins are 12 years old. But this never-ride-a-bike-without-a-helmet, can’t-leave-the-neighborhood-without-an-adult, never-swim-in-natural-bodies-of-water mom had a hard enough time agreeing to sleepovers at a nearby friend’s house. I…  Read More

Quality Garage Storage at Bargain Prices

Storing Your Tools has Never Been Easier Any mechanic who works on cars on a regular basis would agree that proper storage of tools is essential for a productive day. It is also vital to keep these tools in a durable storage system to maintain the tools’ quality design. By doing this, the mechanics can…  Read More