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Best Gifts for 8-10 Year Old Girls

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Girls are really fun to shop for, especially before they become aware of brand names and boys. They’re especially fun to shop for when they are in elementary school because they still have a wide variety of interests and in the latter half of elementary school they have developed a lot of helpful skills, both physically and mentally.

It’s actually kind of hard to go wrong with this group since they are delighted by almost everything, but I’ve put together a list of the best gifts for 8-10 year old girls (based on input from my daughter and her friends in this age range) to help anyone who is at a loss as to what girls in this age range like.
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Best Gifts for 8 to 10-Year Old Girls

If you have a daughter in this age range, you know how much girls this age love to sing along to their favorite songs on the radio. That’s why a karaoke machine is one of the most popular gifts for young girls.

This is a great age for girls to learn to cook. I like to teach my daughters to make dishes and desserts with me, but my younger daugther wanted to be able to make things entirely on her own so the Easy Bake Oven is on the top of her wish list this year.
Easy Bake Oven
Some girls prefer crafting to cooking and there are a lot of fun options that make great gifts. For the aspiring fashion designer, the Haute Couture Fashion Show set is the perfect gift, especially since it comes with a mini sewing machine! For girls who want to make items, but don’t necessarily want to learn a trade skill, the Knot-a-Quilt or Cobra bracelet kits are ideal.
Haute Couture Fashion Show Knot-a-QuiltCobra bracelets
Everywhere I look, everyone else seems to be insisting that the Spirograph is going to be a hot item on girls’ wishlists this year. It didn’t make my daughter’s list, but she did say it looked cool and she would definitely play with it.
I wasn’t surprised that my daughter and all her friends said they would love to get hair chalk as a gift. Tinted hair is apparently all the rage right now and hair chalk is an easy, non-permanent way to get the look.
hair chalk salon
I was surprised when the girls all listed a science kit on their wish lists. I got a chemistry set when I was 9 and to this day, it’s my favorite gift I ever received, but I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and was sure I was unique in my interest. Apparently not, since girls in this age group think science is really cool.
big bag of science kit
Disney hit a home run with girls in this age group with the movie (and now series) Disney’s Descendants. If you want to sneak a semi-educational gift in, the books from this series are a great choice since girls will delve right in.
Isle Lost book cover Mal's Spell Book Disney Descendants Yearbook
Finally, for girls who like to play outdoors (or whose parents would like them to play outdoors), there are plenty of gifts that they will love. Nerf’s Rebelle line has plenty of kid-safe weaponry for girls to use in pretend battles and Hunger Games reenactments. For girls ready to ditch their bikes, a Ripstik is a popular alternative, as is the Razor Electric Scooter.
nerf bow and arrow ripstik Razor electric scooter

Good luck with your holiday shopping! If you need help with other people on your holiday shopping list, check out my other Gift Guides.

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