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DIY Wire Flower Bookmark

DIY Wire Flower Bookmark

This adorable DIY Wire Flower Bookmark is a quick project and will hold your place in your favorite books.


  • Craft wire 16 or 18 gauge 16 or 18 gauge
  • Printable Template
  • Tools
  • Craft pliers looping, cutting and flat nose pliers


  • Let’s start from the center twirl part of the flower template. Create a loop at the open end of the wire and circle the wire around the loop twice to create a twirl pattern.how to make a wire bookmark
  • Now use the wider part of the looping piers to create scalloped line. Use the looping pliers to create the curve and the flat nose pliers to tighten the joint between every 2 scalloped curves.how to make a wire flower bookmark
  • We will need to create 5 scalloped curves for the flower; these are the petals of the wire flower.how to make an easy flower bookmark with wire
  • Now, wind the scalloped line (of wire) around the center twirl.steps for making a wire flower bookmark
  • Draw the wire’s open end towards the bottom side of the flower pattern and place the wire pattern on the printed template to trace the next bend. Use the flat nose pliers to bend the wire along the stem part of the template.instructions for a wire bookmark
  • Keep the length of the stem and then bend the wire upwards.how to create a flower out of wire
  • Form the leaf shape with the current wire and drawing the wire back to the bottom side of the stem.how to make a flower bookmark out of wire
  • Bend the current wire along the middle line of the wire leaf shape and cut off extra wire where required.