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three cupcakes decorated with blue icing and a snowman resembling DIsney's Frozen Olaf character on top of the cupcake on a wood table with a grey and white linen in the background
Olaf Cupcakes

These Olaf cupcakes are perfect for Frozen fans and they're so much fun to make!

Servings: 12
  1. Follow the instructions on the cake mix box to make cupcakes. After baking, set aside to cool completely.

  2. Break off a quarter-sized piece of marshmallow fondant. Add 10-15 drops of black gel food coloring and work it into the fondant with your fingers until the color is consistent.

  3. Break off a dime-sized piece of marshmallow fondant. Add 5 drops of orange gel food coloring and work it into the fondant with your fingers until the color is consistent.

  4. Break the remaining fondant into 12 equal portions. Then, break each of the 12 portions roughly in half, with one portion just slightly larger than the other. You should have 24 smaller portions.

  5. Next, break 12 of the fondant portions in half again. You should have 12 large pieces and 24 small ones. Roll every piece into balls.

  6. Stack the balls into snowmen with the largest ball on the bottom, the smallest ball on top, and the in-between sized ball in the center. Lay the stacked balls flat on wax paper.

  7. Use the back of a spoon to gently press an indent into the small ball on the top of each snowman.

  8. Press two candy eyeballs into the indent. Then, take a small pinch of black fondant and roll it into a cylinder. Place the cylinder above each of the candy eyeballs to form eyebrows.

  9. Use your fingernail or the tip of a spoon to press a small curved indent near the bottom of the small ball to create Olaf's smile.

  10. Pinch off small pieces of black fondant and roll them into tiny balls. Add three small ball to each snowman shape to form Olaf's buttons.

  11. Divide the orange fondant into 12 equal pieces. Roll each piece into a cone. Place one cone on each of the snowmen to form Olaf's nose.

  12. Place fondant Olaf's in the refrigerator.

  13. Press the non-decorative side of a large decorating tip into the top of each cupcake to form a well. Save the pieces.

  14. Add one tablespoon of white sanding sugar sprinkles to each well. Replace the cupcake pieces in each well.

  15. Add 2-5 drops of blue food coloring to the vanilla frosting and stir until the color is uniform.

  16. Place the star tip on a piping bag and fill the bag with frosting. Starting on the outer edge of each cupcake, pipe in a circular pattern working in towards the center of the cupcake.

  17. Remove the Olaf pieces from the refrigerator and place on on each cupcake.