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Vimbly: A Super Easy Way to Find Fun Things to Do

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I’m a firm believer that it’s more important to invest time than money in your family. 20 years from now, your kids probably won’t remember what you got them for their birthdays, but they will remember that fun family vacation you went on when they were 7 or the pride they felt (even though they pretended to be embarrassed) when you led a standing ovation at their performance. That’s why, even though I share information about great family friendly products here on Wondermom Wannabe, I share even more ideas for how to have fun.

The every day things you do with your family are extremely important and provide your loved ones with a sense of stability and comfort. The real memory-making moments though usually occur at special events or when you stray from your ordinary routine. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for activities in our area. Who knew that doing that was going to help me help YOU find stuff to do near you? Well, I didn’t predict it, but I’m happy to share!

Things You Can Find On Vimbly

I found a site called Vimbly that lists EVERYTHING there is to do near you. Okay, maybe not every, single thing but hundreds of options. You can find concerts, tours, festivals, classes, and special events. Check out just SOME of the things Vimbly found for me to do. Look at the variety of activities–from being trapped in a room with a zombie to a fused glass plate workshop.

Things To Do In Washington DC Classes Activities Date Ideas

Vimbly’s “Off the Beaten Path” Options

No one in my family can stand crowds. So, I headed straight for Vimbly’s “Off the Beaten Path” options. That’s how I found the Gelato Tour (FREE!) and an urban scavenger hunt (Georgetown Interactive Tour).

Off the Beaten Path activities you can find on Vimbly

Outdoor Activities on Vimbly

With the weather finally warming up here in Virginia, I also did a search for some fun outdoor activities. We love camping and hiking, but I wanted to find some new outdoor activities that would get us moving but perhaps help us learn a new skill or two. We are super excited about caving and paddleboarding!

Outdoor activities you can find on Vimbly

Date Night Suggestions on Vimbly

My husband, curious about my new acumen for finding interesting activities, asked if I had any date night suggestions. Well, thanks to Vimbly, I had several. Here are just a few of their recommendations.

screenshot of Date Night suggestions

How To Make A Vimbly Bucket List

I love that I can find classes, activities, restaurants, and events that I would otherwise probably never discover with just a few mouse clicks. Even better, I can book them right then and there when I discover them so that we actually go and DO all of these wonderful things I’ve discovered rather than just adding them to our someday-we’ll-get-to-it-but-probably-won’t-because-we-won’t-plan-ahead-for-it-and-then-won’t-have-time list. Of course, you can add it to your Vimbly “bucket list” so you can keep track of the activities you want to do without having to commit to right now. When you click on an activity, it brings you to a screen like this:

Book or Bucket List screenshot

If you look at the right side of the image you’ll see you can either “Book Now” or “Add to Bucket List.” On this page you can also view pictures of the activity/location and access the schedule, description, cancellation policy, and reviews from other Vimbly users.

Can I tell you how much more I love accessing everything on one site versus my former system of googling “things to do near me” and opening 20 different browser tabs to get all this information? Some other things I love?

  • It’s FREE to sign up
  • Vimbly guarantees to offer the LOWEST PRICE
  • SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED (they’ll refund your money if you have a negative experience with an activity booked through Vimbly)

The only bad thing is that Vimbly isn’t available for every city in the U.S. yet. Fortunately, they have several of us covered though. Here’s their current list:

Cities where Vimbly is available

Thanks to Vimbly for sponsoring today’s post! Readers, the links contained within this post are NOT affiliate links so I don’t profit when you click on them or if you decide to sign up for or use Vimbly. I’m sharing the site with you because I really love it and think you will too. If you explore the site, please come back and tell me what you think. Are you as happy as I am to find fun things to do without spending hours on the internet?

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  1. Wow! I didn’t realize there was a site like that out there! What a great idea and so easy to find everything at one site!


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