Treasure Seekers Game

Does your family enjoy playing games? You’re going to love this one!

Treasure Seekers is fun for the whole family!

Who will find their treasures first? Captains will need to be clever to lead their pirate crew to victory!

Is this right for you?

  • Does your family enjoy playing games together?
  • Do you like to provide your children with fun ways to exercise their minds?
  • Do you wish you could customize popular games for your own family?

This game is so much fun and is easy to customize! Check out everything that’s included:

I wanted to be sure this game was fun for every family so I tried my best to give you lots of flexibility.


Get immediate access to the files so you can download and keep forever! Reprint the pages you want, when you want 


Make your own word cards! There are plenty of blank cards included so you can create your own cards


Instructions for easy, medium and hard modes of play so you can tailor the game to different skill levels

Get instant access to the TREASURE SEEKERS GAME now!

Get the 109-page PDF with everything you need to create what will certainly become one of your family’s favorite games for a special introductory price!

Here’s everything you get:

The Treasure Seekers Game file includes:

  • 1 game board
  • Instructions, tips and rules
  • 7 jewel cards for team one
  • 7 treasure chest cards for team two
  • 6 shell cards for neutral spaces
  • 1 skull and crossbones booby trap card
  • 36 treasure map cards
  • 795 word cards
  • 1 sheet of blank clue cards

The blank word cards are editable so you can type in your own words! Include family member names, inside jokes, favorite locations, and anything else that will make the game your own!

Ready to start playing? Grab this deal before the price goes up!

Get instant access to the Treasure Seekers Game now!

Start having fun with the kids today!

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