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The Quest For the Perfect Sofa For Your Family

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Last Updated on November 10, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

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We’ve bought a lot of furniture over the years as we progressed from newlyweds to parents of teenagers. As our family grew, so did our living space, and the way that we used it adapted over time as well. And of course, as a military family, we moved several times and moves are often unkind to furniture, necessitating more frequent purchases.

I’m not complaining though because I love to shop for furniture.  It’s amazing how a new piece or entire suite of furniture can change the personality of your home. In children’s rooms, this happens quite often as we replace the crib with a “big kid” bed and then eventually (perhaps) a full or queen sized bed. However, unlike bedrooms, the main living spaces of the house are seen by everyone who visits your home and are also the most used. That’s why choosing the perfect couch can sometimes feel like the quest for the holy grail.

Finding the perfect couch can be a challenge due to the competing characteristics we seek in it. We want something visually appealing but also comfortable enough to spend a relaxing evening sitting upon it. We want something large enough to accommodate our family and guests that also fits in the limited space we have available for it.

There are so many things to consider and literally hundreds of options. Save yourself the headache on your quest for the perfect sofa and head over to Homepolish where they have curated a list of their favorites, sure to be your favorites too.

Leather Chesterfield

The Leather Chesterfield is a classic and dynamic enough to mesh well with whatever vibe you’re going for. Pro design tip: having your couch sit away from the wall can make a space feel more open.

ABC Home Sofa

If you have a small space, this sofa is for you. The legs add a bit of height that allow light to shine through, plus the red color won’t stain if you accidentally spill any of your favorite merlot.

Soho Tufted Sofa

This sofa screams comfort and is great for spaces with high ceilings since it sits low to the ground. Also perfect for curling up and taking an afternoon nap.


For those of you with open floor plans, sectionals can double as a room divider, while still keeping things inviting.

Homepolish is changing the design industry one interior at a time. Completely doing away with the traditional interior design model, they skip the commissions and product markups and charge a flat hourly fee. They’re committed to making the luxury of interior design affordable and accessible to any budget with 250 interior designers in 13 U.S. cities who have designed thousands of homes. Homepolish was named New York Mag’s Best Services of 2015.

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