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The Perfect Vacation Destination Does Exist! It’s Gulf County, Florida

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My family loves to vacation together. We love to explore new places and enjoy time away from our responsibilities. What we don’t like are crowds. The problem is, most places that are attractive places to visit, attract LOTS of people. For this reason, we end up camping a lot. I do enjoy the fresh air, the simplicity, and the togetherness. However, I wish I could also occasionally enjoy a comfortable hotel room equipped with a nice, soft bed, plenty of soap and shampoo, and someone to clean up after us while we’re out strolling along the beach. Unfortunately, those types of vacations usually involve visiting tourist traps resplendent with crowds, noise, and traffic—exactly what we go on vacation to get away from.

Vacation in Gulf County, Florida

I’ve been told by several friends and family members that the vacation I am dreaming of does exist. Apparently, in Gulf County, Florida (GCFL) I can enjoy 43 miles of natural shoreline free from high-rises and busy highways! The white sand beaches there are the perfect location for enjoying amazing sunsets. That’s why GCFL is known as the #championofsunsets. I can already picture my kids building sand castles while my hubby and I play Frisbee.

Come Visit Gulf County, Florida

I checked out Come visit GCFL and discovered that Gulf County is home to America’s Best State Park. This will be a major selling point for my husband who is a huge fan of state and national parks. I also saw a picture of the most common terms visitors use to describe GCFL and it’s like a list of my dream vacatio n attributes (e.g. tranquil, friendly, fun, laidback, secluded, restful). In a collage of photos from GCFL, the pictures paint the same picture—a father and son fishing on the beach, a view of the beach with not a single person in sight, a lone boat exploring the bayou.

Outdoor Activities

For my physically active family, GCFL provides a number of fun outdoor activities including bike trails, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. And the Dead Lakes region of GCFL is full of wildlife beckoning for a visit from my adventurous boys. I’m pretty sure a bike ride along the seaside will be a much different experience than our rides around our neighborhood. My kids, though, are most looking forward to taking pictures of themselves with snorkel masks on. Oh Instagram, how you have warped my children!

What really won ME over is that GCFL beaches are consistently ranked in the top ten US beaches to bring your pet on vacation. All of the beaches there allow pets as long as they are on a leash. In addition, most of the rental homes there allow you to bring your pets! Our dog is a valued member of our family and I love when we can include her in our vacations, rather than leaving her behind with a pet sitter or in a kennel. I honestly never thought I’d get to enjoy a hot shower AND cuddling with my pet during the same vacation.

Being Healthy Having Fun

So, here I was, already in love with the idea of taking my next vacation in Gulf County and along came an e-mail outlining a very special contest that GCFL is hosting. Consistent with everything I have heard and read about the region, the contest celebrates the beauty of individuals when they are being active and having fun, “because nothing is more beautiful than getting outside and living life to the fullest. Being healthy; having fun.”

To enter the contest, you simply upload a selfie showing you doing something you love to do when you’re outdoors. Since this is exactly the attitude that prompted me to start this blog, I am enthusiastically throwing my support behind this campaign. Here’s my selfie:

a lady running outdoors in the snow in a neighborhood

You can also find my selfie on Instagram. You can also find lots of other great natural, outdoor selfies by searching for #GCFLnofilter. I can’t wait to take a sunset jog along the beach in Gulf County when we finally make it there! It will sure beat jogging in the snow.

For every entry GCFL receives, they will donate $1 to Outdoor Nation up to $5000. Outdoor Nation – a movement connecting kids and teens to the outdoors. Of course, by entering there’s something in it for you too. Five lucky winners will receive Spring getaways to Gulf County along with spending money to help cover travel expenses and entertainment during your vacation. I think the best reason to enter is to help promote the belief that being healthy and happy brings out the beauty in everyone. Like GCFL on Facebook and salute real beauty!

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