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Shop Until You Drop In Phoenix

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Last Updated on June 23, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

While you’re on a vacation, one of the things that you might want to do is shop. There are several shopping centers in Phoenix that you will be able to locate while searching for hotels in Phoenix. Whether it’s a mall or a retail store that sells handmade goods, you can find almost anything that you want to remember your trip to Arizona.

Biltmore Fashion Park Inner Courtyard, a good place for Phoenix shopping

Biltmore Fashion Park

This is one of the areas that features upscale shopping. Escada and Saks Fifth Avenue are only two of the stores that you will see, but there are many more like these in one location. The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel is located a short distance from this park. There are benches so that you can sit down and observe the other shoppers and a large fountain in the center of the park. The park features almost 20 stores.

Tanger Outlet

If you like to find bargains while shopping, then this is your location. There are 80 stores in the outlet. Gap Outlet and Coach are two of the stores you will find, but the prices aren’t what you would expect to go along with the names. Most of the items that are sold are buyouts from larger stores. This is how the outlet mall can sell high quality items at a reduced price.

Desert Ridge Marketplace

Instead of walking around a large mall, you can enjoy some of the natural aspects of the area. The market is located in the norther area of Phoenix. You can warm up next to outdoor fireplaces or view some of the small water fountains that are located next to a large rock climbing wall. There are plenty of activities for children as well as a Dave & Buster’s for the family to enjoy.

Tempe Marketplace

An open air market, this is a shopping venue for the young at heart as well as the younger generation. There are modern stores that sell the latest fashions and some stores that sell unique gifts and trinkets that can only be found in Phoenix. There are also a handful of specialty boutiques for those who are looking for something dazzling for a special event.

Chandler Fashion Center

This is a large mall that features numerous stores related to the clothing world. If you can’t find something to wear while shopping here, then you likely won’t find it anywhere. There are almost 200 stores in the large center as well as several places to get a meal while taking a break from shopping. Stores include J. Crew, Pottery Barn and Aeropostale. A theater is also located in the center. A special feature is the dancing water fountain. The fountain changes colors and motions while synced to music.

Desert Ridge Marketplace

There is something for the entire family at this market. It features a rock climbing wall as well as a small play area for young children. There aren’t as many posh stores to look through, but you will find Old Navy and American Eagle. Several restaurants are scattered through the market.

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