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Share Your Hero to Help Them AND Others

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Last Updated on September 18, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

Thank you to Mrs. Fields for sponsoring today’s post and providing me with free products to help me share this wonderful campaign with you. 

Share Your Hero

Do you have a person in your life you admire? Right now you can share your hero to help them AND others!


Mrs. Fields is running a contest to find America’s Hometown Hero. The winner will receive $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice and $1,000 cash for themselves in appreciation for their community contributions. Mrs. Fields will also throw a Hometown Hero event in the winner’s honor!

To share YOUR hero (and score $1 off coupon for Mrs. Field’s® cookies!), just fill out the entry form at mrsfieldsmoments.com.

My Hero

I nominated my hero – my husband! He my personal prince charming, somehow seeing something extraordinary in this introverted, ordinary girl in college and then whisking me around the world on adventures and amazing me each day as a loving and devoted father and husband.


You can probably tell from his uniform in our family photo that he’s also a U.S. Marine. So yeah, basically his job is to put himself in harm’s way to protect others.

US Veteran

Despite frequent deployments, he manages to be a very involved and supportive father. He somehow makes mundane tasks like packing for deployment a fun family event.


He’s also the first to volunteer to help friends, neighbors and extended family members whenever he can. At least once a week he is helping someone move something, build something, or fix something. In the winter, he drives his truck around during snow storms to help tow people out of ditches (he had a winch installed for exactly this purpose). And if we don’t have the kids in the car, he will always stop to help drivers of disabled vehicles on the side of the road.


My husband has a commitment to serve others that I’ve not seen in many others. He assures me there are many people just like him. If you happen to know one of these amazing people, I bet you’re as excited to tell the world about them as I am about my husband. So, make sure you Share Your Hero! Not only will they get the recognition they deserve, they might win $5000 to donate to their favorite cause!


Special thanks to Mrs. Fields for sponsoring the Share Your Hero contest and today’s post. We had our own mini-celebration for our hero with the goodies you sent to help me prepare today’s post.


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  1. Please thank your husband for his service and thank you to your family for your service, as well. This gives me another reason to be a fan of Mrs. Field’s..


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