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Safe and Professional Options for Keeping Carpets Clean

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Last Updated on October 16, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

Busy moms and dads today often lack the time to steam clean the carpeting in their homes. As time passes, their carpeting could begin to look dingy and hold odors from cooking, pets, and other contaminants.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Rather than let their floors fall into such disrepair, parents can choose professional and green carpet cleaning that will freshen their carpets without the toxic residue or strong chemical smells that come from other carpet cleaning methods. They can enjoy having floors that are clean and safe for their children and pets.

Many people are unaware that some commercial grade carpet cleaners can pose a threat to the health of their children and pet. The strong chemicals found in grocery store cleaners or those used in rental carpet cleaning machines can cause the air inside a person’s home to become polluted and dangerous for pets and kids to breathe.

However, when they choose a professional green cleaning company to freshen their floors, parents can be assured that their children, even those with asthma and allergies, will avoid being bothered by the scent of the cleaning solutions. Once the floors are done, the family can continue their lives without having to wait for toxic fumes to dissipate.

Green Cleaning Works For Upholstered Furnishings Too

Along with freshening their floors, parent also can opt to have their upholstered furnishings cleaned as well. This company offers upholstery cleaning with the same green methods that they use on floors.

Sofas that smell like smoke, recliners that are stained with drink spills, and draperies that are limp and unappealing can be restored with this cleaning option.

Sending out upholstered items for professional dry cleaning can be expensive and time consuming. Rather than taking these items to a dry cleaning business for restoration, people can instead allow this company to come to their homes for this task.

Get A Free Estimate And Look For Discounts

Even with this innovative cleaning process, however, people may be wary about the costs associated with it. They might fear having to pay huge costs and having little left over in their budgets.

They can be assured of staying on budget by calling the company for a free estimate. They can be told upfront how much their services will run, allowing them to tailor their cleaning choices to their financial guidelines.

People can also save money on their carpet cleaning by using the online savings found on the website. They can clip and utilize the coupons or discounts that are available.

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  1. We own a steam cleaner and I typically make the solution about 1/2 of what it should be for the machine. It works great and it helps pull the dirt out of the carpet. If you have fleas, steam cleaning works will help remove the eggs from the carpet too.


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