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The Real Life Wonder Woman Who Inspires This Wannabe

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine.

If you can’t tell from my mascot, I’m a bit of a #WonderWoman fan. I had the pleasure of growing up in the 70’s when the Wonder Woman television show was on, and I watched it every week with my family.

I tried to be just like my idol by wandering the neighborhood in a Wonder Woman outfit, hand sewn by my grandmother, looking for kids in danger who I could save. Since I was five, my heroic activities were quite limited, but my appreciation for strong, principled women became deeply-rooted.

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You can imagine my delight when I heard Wonder Woman was getting her own movie, which will be release on June 2. If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve shared the trailers there with several emojis to signify my glee. And if you happen to visit me at home, you’ll find my refrigerator stocked with Dr Pepper products covered in Wonder Woman-themed packaging.

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Dr Pepper wants you to appreciate the Wonder Woman in your life and has asked me to share my story.  Perhaps my mascot, blog name, and multiple mentions of Wonder Woman on social media tipped them off to my fandom.

Real-Life Wonder Woman

My friends and mentors over the years have been vastly different, from spontaneous and outgoing to studious and soft-spoken, yet they all shared one common trait – they were heroic. Not the stopping-a-criminal-in-his-tracks or lift-a-car-off-an-injured-driver heroic, but heroic in the sense they make courageous choices and stand up for what they believe in.

As a Marine Corps wife, I’m privileged to know MANY amazing women who run their households while their husbands are deployed to war zones and still find time to serve their communities too. I started this blog, inspired by these Wonder Moms that surrounded me, my biggest inspiration of all being my close friend Christee.

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Aside from Christee’s physical resemblance to Wonder Woman (beautiful, dark hair, stunning eyes), she is a modern day warrior princess. She’s a nurse, wife to a hard-working and often deployed Marine, mother to four boys, volunteer, and she’s as tough as she is pretty.

Life Lessons

Aside from her strength, Christee’s most amazing trait is her profound wisdom. I like to think of myself as a pretty smart cookie, but every time I get together with Christee I learn something new. And these pearls of wisdom aren’t bits of trivia, they’re enlightening insights that impact my behavior and life choices.

For example, she decided long ago that she would not teach her children to be afraid. It was terrifying to watch her youngest son climb on top of the monkey bars, but instead of preventing him from doing it because of what COULD happen, she explained the risk and told him to be careful while he climbed.

Whether or not you agree with her decision to let her kids play, explore and take risks, I think you can appreciate the amount of strength and courage it takes for a mother to LET her child do these things. Her stance made me rethink my own risk tolerance and be more conscientious in deciding when I would prevent my kids from having an experience because of the possibility of a bad outcome.

Another profound lesson I’ve learned from Christee is that my role as a mother is a powerful and critical one. As mothers, we all know and sense this anyway, but Christee has verbalized it so many times to me that this knowledge guides many of my decisions and behaviors.

As the matriarch of the family, the mother sets the mood, attitude, principles, and values of the family. Our children look to us as their examples and advisors. Our words must be carefully chosen and our actions must back up our words.

Warrior Mindset

The reason Christee is the first person who comes to mind when I think of Wonder Woman is because of her warrior mindset. As a military wife, she CONSTANTLY talks about the importance of her “tribe” and her commitment to supporting her husband’s life of service.

When your husband’s job is to put himself in harm’s way for the protection of others and the values we cherish, you cannot be selfish. Yes, it’s the military member who has chosen to serve, but without the support of his family, his attention and heart are divided putting him in danger and interfering with his ability to serve.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve failed in being selfless not once, but multiple times. I support my husband and his career choice, but don’t always remember that by complaining about long hours, separations or the hardships of military life put an additional strain on him. Christee never forgets. She is a warrior 100% of the time, biting her tongue when needed and enduring difficult situations without complaint.

If you know Christee, you have heard her talk about her tribe. Usually she’s referring to her family, but she also has a larger tribe that includes friends and other family members. Somehow I made it into her tribe, and I’m a better person for it.

One thing you can count on if you are a tribe member is fierce loyalty and unconditional support. United by common core values, the trust, friendship and generosity abound unchallenged.

When she visits, I don’t worry about how clean the house is, that I’ve put on a few pounds or that I didn’t have time to get to the store. We are just happy to be together and we work out the details that need to be worked out together. Her family, and by extension anyone in her tribe, is welcome in my home without notice and for as long as they need and I’m secure in the knowledge that the same is true in reverse.

Like Amazon warriors, if I were ever in danger or simply in need, I could count on Christee to be there to protect, help, or fight with me. Since I’m a mom and not a cage fighter, I haven’t really had a chance to test this theory, but I somehow know it to be true.

Who’s Your Wonder Woman?

One thing I’ve learned from having this blog is that there are lots of Wonder Women out there. I’m constantly blown away by your stories, ideas, and accomplishments.

So, next time you’re at Walmart pick up a case of Wonder Woman Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper. Let the Wonder Woman pictures and logo inspire you to find examples in your own life of real superheroes.

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