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Psychology of Flowers And What They Say About You

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Last Updated on October 28, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

Challenge to Write Day 5: What is one of your favorite flowers?

In case you hadn’t noticed the absence of a “gardening” section of this website, I’ll just come right out and say it—“I am not a gardener.” I am making an attempt with some herbs and vegetables this year, mostly due to peer pressure, but this is an area where I have virtually no knowledge.

So, when I had to choose a favorite flower for today’s “Challenge to Write” theme, I really only had about 10 to choose from since that’s how many I can identify. For the record these were: rose, tulip, daisy, chrysanthemum, daffodil, lily, orchid, carnation, pansy, and gardenia.

Flower Bouquet

Although I admire the rose, beautiful but possesses the ability to make you bleed, memories of trimming rose bushes and walking away the loser of the battle prompted me to cross it off the list.

And while I celebrate the appearance of daffodils and tulips each Spring, they give up too soon to earn my respect. I require a flower with some resilience!

I just don’t find daisies or carnations visually appealing, perhaps because teenage boys can afford to buy them for their prom dates. Apparently, I’m a snob.

In contrast, I find lilies and orchids quite beautiful (oh yeah, and expensive) but I consider them Asian and thus, for personal reasons, I must reject them.

Before you get too offended at my blatant racism, let me explain. I AM Asian. My mother is Filipino so I am half-Asian. However, somehow I got a bunch of other genes from my dad so I’m taller than all of my Filipino relatives, and consequently kinda large for an Asian.

I’ve been trying to sell myself as Latin because I make a thin Latina. So, if you’re going to hate me, hate me for my vanity, not racism (unless you perceive my whole viewpoint as racist AND vain, then you can hate me for both reasons).

Yes, several paragraphs later I am finally going to answer the simple question of my favorite flower. The gardenia! Pretty, smells great, can grow in a small pot, and has staying power as a plant, even when the flowers shrivel up.

So after I chose my favorite flower, I wanted to know what my choice says about me. If it’s the favorite flower of psychopaths, I was going to choose something else and never let you know. Since your favorite may not be the gardenia, I’ll give you the full list of the psychology of flowers.

Amaryllis = splendid beauty

Aster = patience and a love of variety

Bird of Paradise = joyfulness and magnificence

Calla Lily = Magnificence and beauty, refined with high standards

Carnation = Traditional and down-to-earth

Chrysanthemum = Fidelity and optimism

Daffodil = Chivalry

Daisy = Innocence and purity, optimism

Delphinium = Fun and levity

Freesia = Innocence and thoughfulness

Gardenia = Purity and sweetness

Gladiolus = Strength of character and honor

Hyacinth = Playfulness and sporty attitude

Hydrangea = Heartfelt emotions

Iris = Eloquence, creative and imaginative

Lilac = Youthful innocence and confidence

Lily = Sensuous and generous, commanding but nurturing

Orchid = Exotic beauty, tenacious

Peony = Bashfulness and compassion

Rose = Love, romance and passion

Snapdragon = Graciousness and strength

Sunflower = Pure thoughts and dedication, bold and outspoken

Sweet Pea = Bliss

Tulip = Perfect love, easy going and competent

Here’s another interesting fact I learned:

According to a Rutgers study, flowers have an immediate, positive AND a long-term positive effect on moods. They can reduce depression, anxiety and agitation resulting in greater joy and satisfaction. Here’s a link to the study if you want to check it out for yourself:  An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion.

What’s your favorite flower? Do you agree that its meaning is symbolic of your personality?

22 thoughts on “Psychology of Flowers And What They Say About You”

  1. I don’t have a green thumb. The very few plants I own have been close to dying at least 3 times now. I do have a beautiful, and huge, aloe vera plant that likes me though!

    As to my favorite flowers: I love peonies and tulips!

  2. I love all kinds of flowers for their beauty and colors, and can stare at them for hours. I don’t have a big garden. So in the small space that I have, I planted tulips, daffodils, mums, rose, iris, day Lilly, and others. Each of them flower at different times, so I have time to admire them individually. However, rose is my all time favorite.

  3. What an interesting list. Who knew flowers could say so much, besides merely being beautiful, smelling great, and adding so much to your space? I have always really loved tulips and snapdragons. A friend of mine who died last year after losing her third battle with lymphoma absolutely loved peonies. She was a poet and peonies always showed up in her writing. Seeing that they are a sign of bashfulness and compassion really made sense, because she was both of those things. Thanks for sharing this list!

    • Holly, I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing her story and your thoughts. I had forgotten all about snapdragons! Those were my favorite when I was a child (our neighbor had tons of them in her garden).

  4. My mom own’s a flower shop so you might think I would know more about flowers but I don’t. My favorite flower is a tulip but Sweet peas remind me of my daughter because she was so tiny as a baby we called her a pea, but changed it to sweet pea.

    • What a sweet story! You must have learned something from your mom though, because your flower knowledge already exceeds mine! I have no idea what a sweet pea looks like. πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t grow things very well. I’ve got some bamboo I haven’t killed yet, but that’s not really a flower. I really like pink roses. OH, and wildflowers. Any wildflowers…especially Buttercups!

    • I agree! Buttercups are adorable, and not just because they have a cute name. My mom says bamboo is lucky so I’ve been afraid to get any thinking if I killed it that would mean bad luck. πŸ™‚ Glad you are doing well with yours!

    • Haha Cynthia, we might be related. I hate picking favorite anythings since I am so fickle that my preferences change constantly.

  6. Mine would be Lilacs but it is mainly because they remind me of home. We had a huge row of lilac bushes that bloomed every spring and smelled so good.

  7. That is really interesting. I like the Sweet Pea – bliss.

    I am not a gardener either. But I’d say you are well on your way! I bought a tomato plant and plopped it down on my deck. There’s my garden. lol

    • Kristi, don’t be too impressed. I bought my tomato and bell pepper plants at Sam’s Club. The pepper plant had 5 full grown bell peppers on it when I bought it! Since we are renting, all of my plants are also in containers on my deck. The only thing that is keeping them alive is the fact that I can’t go anywhere in the kitchen or family room without seeing them out the window so I can’t forget to water them. πŸ™‚

  8. Hmm, I guess daisy, calla lily and lily describe me pretty well. I guess the daisy was spot with purity πŸ™‚

  9. I love lilacs because of the scent. I have a few lilac bushes in my backyard that I transplanted from my grandmother’s house. They remind me of her.

  10. Lilac = Youthful innocence and confidence and the Sunflower = Pure thoughts and dedication, bold and outspoken

    Both actually kinda sorta are like my personality–I am not a gardener either-always left that to my Mom!!

  11. I have a few herbs growing and so far they are doing pretty well. I think my favorite flower is the daffodill… it is so hardy that it blooms even through the snow sometimes. Makes me think spring.


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