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How to Find Prom Dresses That Both Mom and Daughter Love

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Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

My oldest child is going to attend the prom for the first time this year. The topic came up recently when we received a postcard in the mail advertising $40 off tuxedo rental. This got me to thinking about the fact that my second child will be talking about prom in another year or two and outfitting her for prom is going to be a much bigger ordeal. So many choices — colors, styles, length, material. I’m glad I have some time to prepare myself.

Finding A Prom Dress Both Mom And Daughter Will Like

My biggest concern is finding a dress that we will both be happy with. I’ve seen the dresses that girls wear to their proms and some of them are inappropriate (by my standards) for teen girls. I also don’t want to send her off to this milestone event in something that will embarrass her or that she will be uncomfortable wearing. Another concern I have is how much a dress that will satisfy TWO picky females will cost. So, as I typically do, I hit the internet to see what my options are.

There Are Plenty Of Prom Dress Options No Matter Your Style

I’m happy to report that there are a LOT of options that will satisfy conservative, thrifty moms and teen girls.  For those individuals who are less bothered than I am about necklines cut down to the midsection or slits cut all the way up the thigh, you can find many dresses that will expose a lot of skin. For parents who prefer more modesty, you can still help your daughter feel confident and beautiful on prom night by choosing dresses that bear one or more of the following features:

  • Bold Color — If your daughter wants to make a visual statement, you can draw spectators eyes to your daughter but not her body parts by choosing a bold color like red or a vibrant yellow.

a lady wearing a red prom dress

  • Innovative Design — Let’s face it, most prom dresses vary little in terms of design. A design that is asymmetrical, has small cutouts in unexpected places (that don’t reveal parts of your daughter you’d rather keep covered), and/or has an atypical shape can make your daughter stand out from the crowd.

a lady wearing a silver dress with a slit cut out of the middle

  • Surprising Cuts — I think some of the most interesting dresses are the ones that trick the eye or do something unexpected, like a floor-length dress that is open in the front to reveal a shorter skirt.

a lady wearing a white dress that opens up to reveal a shorter skirt


  • Classic Beauty —  Perhaps your daughter is more like mine and doesn’t want to be the center of attention. Instead, she’ll want a pretty dress that doesn’t make her feel like a misfit for being too outrageous or too modest. In these situations, I love classic, feminine styles like sweetheart dresses in soft, subtle colors.

a lady wearing a pink sweetheart prom dress

I found all of these beautiful styles at JenJenHouse, an online dress store and they were all under $150, which I found really reasonable since I remember my own mother spending more than that when I went to my first prom over two decades ago!



2 thoughts on “How to Find Prom Dresses That Both Mom and Daughter Love”

  1. I love the pink traditional dress. Jen Jen House has an amazing selection of prom dresses for under $100 too. My daughter is going to a military ball this weekend and had to have a dress. She found two that she fell in love with. I really wish that I didn’t wait until the last minute because I loved the dress she found.

  2. Thanks for sharing great tips! I have to wait at least a decade for my daughter to attend a prom 😀 Love the silver and pink dresses – gorgeous!


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