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Keep Doors Hanging Strong with Weld-On Hinge Options

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Last Updated on January 22, 2015 by Corinne Schmitt

Traditional screw-in hinges often malfunction and wear out over time. Using weld on hinges is a better option. These are made from thicker metal material and withstand exposure to the outdoor elements for decades. It is important to use the right hinge type for the door being installed to ensure that improper weights or installation practices do not compromise the strength of the hinge.

Stronger Bond

Welded hinges have a stronger bond and are harder to break. Even with exposure to rain, snow, heat and cold, the hinges stay in place and hold the door as it is supposed to. Most of these hinges have pins inside them. This helps keep the hinge straight on the structure and help absorb some of the weight of the door.

Heavier Capacities

Hinges that are welded often have the ability to hold heavier doors, including industrial weight doors. These are ideal for public entryway doors as well as for all entryways in a commercial business. The combination of steel and brass inside the mechanisms are ideal for frequent use doors and hinged areas.

The ability to withstand heavier capacities is what makes the welded hinge a better concept idea for steel doors, solid wood doors and heavy metal constructed options.

Variety of Thicknesses and Lengths

Regardless of the application, whether it is commercial or residential, sizes from 40mm and up are available. The size variations ensure that there is a size available for any application, even automatic door options. The pin materials vary as steel; stainless steel and brass are all options.

The weights that each pin can withstand are also given to ensure that the right size and material are chosen for the application. Most of the pins with these hinge options are fixed to limit movement and cause less friction during movement.

When working on replacing the doors and hinges in your home or commercial location, consider all of the options before installation. It is ideal to select durability, strength and construction over budget constraints in this situation. Safety has to be one of the first thoughts in a project like this. Ensuring that the door will not open and fall off the hinges, causing an injury is a must.

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