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Junior Explorers Helps Kids Explore the World From Home

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Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

I received a complimentary one month subscription to facilitate my honest review of Junior Explorers.

Worried About Brain Drain

Although I look forward to spending a lot of time with my kids over summer break, I also worry about “brain drain,” fearing that they’ll lose a lot of what they’ve learned over the school year without the daily exposure to learning.

That’s why I still encourage my children to read daily during the summer months and have them work on summer bridge workbooks.

I also want them to enjoy freedom from a rigid schedule and carefree playtime, so I’m always happy when I find learning opportunities hidden within games and activities my kids are eager to play.

Junior Explorers Is Fun For Kids To Get In The Mail

I was excited when I found Junior Explorers because it was something I knew my youngest daughter would love.

First, she loves getting mail since she’s not a grown-up yet and hasn’t learned to dread bills and junk mail.

Second, her first shipment came with plenty of goodies (stickers, tattoos, a lanyard, pin, punch-out cards and more). Here’s a picture of everything that came in her package.

Junior Explorers Kit


She was so excited to check out everything! She spent so much time punching out the cards, reading the information on the post cards, putting on a shark tattoo, and filling in the activity book.


Junior Explorers


Junior Explorers Is Also Online

After half an hour of enthusiastically exploring all of the contents, she was thrilled to learn that even more fun awaited her online. You see, the Junior Explorers kit isn’t just a packet of trinkets and worksheets, it’s a complete program of fun and learning so that no matter what types of activities your child enjoys or how he or she learns best, it’s included in Junior Explorers.

A Junior Explorers subscription grants your child access to an online mission where he or she can continue to learn through playing. One of the very first games in my daughter’s mission involved finding items in the room from the pack list to prepare for the adventure.

Junior Explorer


The site is extremely easy to navigate with clearly marked arrows when it’s time to move on and with blinking icons to indicate what items you need to click on for further instructions. Because each stage of the mission involves different activities and takes place in different locations, the educational information that is shared doesn’t come across as a boring lecture but instead as valuable information your child will remember so he or she can successfully complete the mission.

Junior Explorers

If you’re looking for a way to stimulate your child’s mind in a fun, interactive way this summer, I think Junior Explorers is a wonderful option. Send your child on wild adventures with Junior Explorers subscription boxes! Join Now! If you subscribe, please come back and let me know if your child loves it as much as my daughter does.


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  1. I am sort of addicted to subscription boxes (I really love them) and am always looking for some educational ones for my daughter. I will check Junior Explorers out!


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