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It’s Easier Than You Think to Hire an Interior Decorator

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Last Updated on January 21, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

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I have always envied people who have an eye for design. It’s a skill I lack completely. I know what I like when I see it, but I can’t figure out if I’ll like something UNTIL I see it so translating a look from a magazine or in a store to my home just doesn’t happen. As a military family, we move around frequently and I’ve always used our life on the move as an excuse for neglecting to invest in home decor that might not work in our next home. Now that we are settling down and have moved into our dream house, I’ve realized I don’t have an excuse for blank walls and windows anymore. Plus, I want our home to be a welcome retreat from the world that embodies our personalities.

Unfortunately, with my eldest son just heading off to college, I’m still unwilling to spend a lot of money experimenting with the right furniture and accessories or hiring an interior decorator to guide me through the process. Frankly, since I don’t have any experience with hiring an interior designer, even the process of finding and hiring one intimidated me. Thankfully, I recently discovered Homepolish and I think I might have found the perfect solution for me.

Interior Design Services from Homepolish

Having your own interior decorator is no longer just a fantasy with help from the interior design start-up Homepolish. They make it easy (and affordable!) to get an interior designer in your home who will help create the perfect space for you. The experience is a simple three step process:

1. Let the designer get to know you

Tell them the bare bones: are you interested in working on a home, office, store or something else? How big is it? Do you have a project budget? Do you own or rent? And then tell them the juicy stuff: What inspires you? What does your ultimate dream space look like? From picking paint colors to gutting a brownstone, they can handle any project, any size.

2. The first date, aka meet your homepolish designer

Here’s what happens during your initial 1 hour consultation: you and your designer meet, they tour your space, you guys chat. Then your designer follows up with a few design options for improving your home/office/whatever. They start with a one hour consultation so that their designer can understand your goals, needs and wants. Communication is the foundation to every healthy relationship!

Homepolish wants the relationship between you and their designer to be as stress-free and helpful as possible. If during the initial consultation, you and your designer don’t get along perfectly, Homepolish will tweak the matchmaking process and send another on the house. The initial consult is $50 or $80 (Junior and Senior rates). If you’re over it, there’s no pressure to buy hours after the consult.

3. Purchase your designer’s time

One of the many reasons Homepolish is unique to the interior design world is because you purchase time by the hour. Every hour is spent working on what you need – from picking paint colors to sending you furniture options to renovating your loft. Whatever the size and however complicated your project is, they are there to help! Junior designers’ time costs $100/hour, Seniors’ cost $130/hour and they have two package options: a Single Day session (three hours) and The Design Package (as much time as you want with a minimum purchase of ten hours).

Save time and money, sign up with Homepolish and rework your space with an expert!

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