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Take These Dares to Take Control of Your Health

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Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

Today’s post is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, a company I am proud to partner with because of their dedication to helping individuals improve their health and make informed health care choices.

There’s a reason fad diets don’t work. Actually, there are a couple of reasons they don’t work. First of all, they’re not fun, so we don’t like doing them and thus, won’t for more than a short time. Second, abrupt changes to our daily lives are hard to sustain. That’s why my evolution towards a healthier lifestyle has been a gradual process, as I make small changes over time.

UnitedHealthcare’s We Dare You Campaign

That’s the philosophy behind UnitedHealthcare’s We Dare You campaign. Over the past few years, the We Dare You campaign has created dares to help people to live healthier lives every day, one day at a time. Since the theme of Wondermom Wannabe is to help moms be everyday superheroes, this is a campaign that I’m excited about because it’s exactly the type of tool that makes being an awesome individual a little bit easier.

United HealthCare We Dare You to Share Campaign

Now, the We Dare You campaign is expanding to helping individuals take control of their health care. So, the dares for February are all geared towards that goal.

February Dares

The first dare is super easy. It’s just a ONE question quiz. Answer the question and then fill in your information (if you want) to be entered to win a $400 grand prize gift card or one of the weekly $25 gift card prizes.

Test Your Smarts Entry Form

Text anxiety? You can watch the “Using My Benefits” video instead and share your opinion of it in order to enter the sweepstakes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer an essay question. Just click a button and then scroll down to see how your choice compares to others’ responses.

See and Sound Off Dare

My personal favorite from the February dares is the concentration game. You have to match health care terms with their definitions. A little memory training paired with health care education plus a chance to win some spending money? That was one minute well spent!

Concentration Game

I did all 3 dares in under 5 minutes (including the time it took to read instructions and enter my information for the giveaway). It takes just a few minutes to do something good for yourself today. Head on over for some quick self-improvement and take the February dares. Did I mention that you get a sweepstakes entry for each dare you complete?

Resources Section

While you’re there, check out the RESOURCES section to find helpful information like resources for healthy living and advice on how to help you and your family stay healthy.

Resources at UnitedHealthcare


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