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For My Husband – Sometimes He’s Right and I’m Wrong!

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Last Updated on October 15, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

A few months ago I wrote about my debate over which is better—an electric or an acoustic guitar. Ultimately, it comes down to what type of music you plan on playing and what kind of sound you prefer. Well, for normal people anyway.

My Brief Attempt to Play the Guitar

As for me, even though my dream is to strum the guitar on one of our camping trips while the family sings along, my brief attempt at learning the acoustic guitar led to sore fingertips and my newly developed preference for acoustic guitars.

After my failure to persevere with the acoustic guitar, my husband is understandably skeptical about my commitment to another instrument. He thought I would be appeased playing the guitar in Rock Band on the Xbox but, as anyone who has played Rock Band or Guitar Hero knows, this doesn’t teach you how to play the guitar. Astute observers can figure this out without actually playing the game by noting that the video game guitar has colored buttons that you press rather than strings or frets. Others, like me, don’t realize this until they attempt to play one of the Rock Band songs on a real guitar and can’t find the colored buttons.

I thought if I went to the trouble of picking one out, he would discern my seriousness about getting it and learning to play. So I picked out a good ibanez ar320 at musicians friend. I left the family computer browser window open to it hoping it would elicit curiosity so I could proclaim my ardent desire to possess it and unleash my undiscovered musical talent. Apparently, my husband is wise to my tricks though so he skillfully avoided the topic and without hesitation typed in the web address for his favorite news site without seeming to notice the site he was leaving. Now I know what the kids feel like when I pretend I can’t hear them when they are pining for a trip to Disney World.

Truth is, I do bore easily and don’t have the spare time to tackle music lessons. A friend of mine just moved to the area. She literally lives one mile away from me and the soonest I could manage to meet with her is two weeks from now when I found a free hour that I could squeeze in a coffee date.

I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure instrument mastery requires more than one hour of practice every 2-3 weeks. Add to the lack of time, my failing memory, and I’ll probably be stuck learning my first chord for YEARS since I’ll need to re-learn it at each bi-monthly lesson. I hate it when my husband is right. Or maybe I just hate it when I’m wrong.

For My Husband – Sometimes He’s Right and I’m Wrong!

For those of you trying to figure out what useful piece of information I am trying to impart, spare yourself the trouble. This is simply an early Christmas present to my husband — an uncharacteristic (and public) admission that sometimes he knows more than I do.

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