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How to Incorporate Grosgrain Ribbon Into Craft Projects

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four spools of different colored grossgrain ribbon


Grosgrain, the sturdy ribbon that’s easily identified by its evenly spaced ribbing, has the potential to be used in any number of craft projects. Grosgrain’s hardy nature lends it a versatility that’s perfect for many different applications. Here are a few fun ways to use it to make beautiful and functional items.

Hair Bows

Ribbon can be purchased in thousands of width, color and design combinations, making it perfect for all types of hair bows. For cheer teams, party favors and other applications, grosgrain is a stronger and stiffer ribbon and helps bows to hold their shape. So-called korker ribbon, which is thin width grosgrain that holds a tight spiral shape, is well suited to adding volume and bounce to any hair bow.

several strands of Curled Ribbon


Grosgrain also works great on clothing, from belts to bow ties. It can often be found hanging out on hems as an edge protector, or as a hatband. Its durability is perfect for wristbands or as a foundation for an embellished bracelet. Wherever it is used, though, it should be finished with fray-checking solution to prevent it unravelling.


The popularity of scrapbooking has created a new application for grosgrain ribbon, because of the sheer number of printed options making it ideal for decorating a themed scrapbook page. Adding ribbon with small bows, stripes or polka dots is a great way to spruce up a scrapbook page.

Gift Wrapping

Nothing dresses up a gift wrapped in pretty paper like a beautiful bow. Again, the stiff body of grosgrain allows it to be twisted into a large centerpiece that holds its shape well and can be combined with other elements to really make a package pop. And don’t forget the lengths of ribbon that create the criss-cross around the box. It can be formed using a complementary ribbon color or pattern.

Sewing Embellishments

Blankets that will see a lot of use, such as for babies, are ideal for edging with ribbon. Also, since we all know infants are fascinated by tags on blankets, crafters may sew a soft blanket that has multiple grosgrain “tags” protruding from the edges all the way around. Towels are another item that can get a boost from the beauty of grosgrain.

Other Ideas

The possibilities for using grosgrain ribbon in crafts are nearly limitless. Here are a few more uses to consider:

  • Key fobs
  • Hanging military medals
  • Wedding cake decorations
  • Padded photograph display boards
  • Lanyards


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  1. Love these ideas. I think that grosgrain is a great ribbon. It is so colorful and sturdy. I have to admit, I have a pretty big stash of it – I just can’t resist it. Now I have some great ideas on what to do with it.


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