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How Buffalo Wild Wings Helped Us Be Better Parents

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Last Updated on September 15, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

This post brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. All opinions are 100% mine.

Against All Odds Our Son Loves Football

My husband and I have done our teenaged son a disservice all these years. You see, neither of us is a big football fan. I’m unwilling to give up the limited file room in my brain to learn new things that don’t immediately benefit me or those I love so I intentionally avoided having to learn about hail marys, halfbacks and fullbacks, or two-point conversions. In fact, I’m not even sure how I know those terms are associated with football (they must have been in movies I have watched).

My husband doesn’t share my limited brain space so his ignorance of football is due to another reason—the man can’t sit in one place long enough to watch a football game. Yes, he’s one of THOSE people. But this article isn’t about him, it’s about what terrible parents we are because my son is 16 and has had to learn everything he knows about football on his own. Against all odds (i.e. the genes he inherited from his parents), he loves football.

Buffalo Wild Wings Is A Great Football Watching Hangout Place

Since we aren’t INTENTIONALLY bad parents and really want to be good ones, we decided that we should try to understand this interest of his in the hopes of appearing to be attentive and tuned in to our teen. We still had that burden of my selfishness and my husband’s tendency to be easily bored to overcome. The solution came from an unexpected source—Buffalo Wild Wings (or BDubs as my husband likes to say because he’s super cool).

You are probably wondering how Buffalo Wild Wings helped us unite as a family over football. Easy. Selfish mom gets food (have I mentioned that I LOVE buffalo wings?). Antsy dad gets a fun, social atmosphere to hang out in so he doesn’t get bored. Teen son gets food AND a couple dozen big-screen TV’s to watch the game on. Our younger kids love it too because it’s one of the few restaurants we can take them where we aren’t constantly shushing them.

Wing Tuesdays

The best part of stumbling upon BDubs as a football-watching hangout is that while we were there we found out we could enjoy their awesome wings for less money! Every Tuesday Buffalo Wild Wings offers their wings at a special discounted price. So that it’s easy to remember, they’ve wisely named these Wing Tuesdays. They do the same thing for their boneless wings on Thursday (Boneless Thursdays). And though we try not to eat out very often during the week, every once in a while when we have three different events or activities to get to on a school night, these wing specials are a welcome alternative to fast food and less expensive than eating out at another sit-down restaurant.

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