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Help Stop Child Abuse And Create Peace In Homes

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One of US Family Guide’s partners, Knot Genie Detangling Brush, works hard to create peace in homes across the world with their brushes. But at this time of year, they are working to create peace in homes where children only wish their pain was about hairbrushing.

Peace It On Petition

Knot Genie has created their Peace It On Petition.

For each name added, they will make a $.25 donation to the National Children’s Alliance to help stop child abuse. They also send an opt-in $7 coupon to every person who signs. Won’t you please go to www.knotgenie.com and sign the petition, and then share this wonderful gesture with your friends?  Thank you in advance for your kindness.


3 thoughts on “Help Stop Child Abuse And Create Peace In Homes”

  1. Its unbelievable to think that children become victims of violence. The world is no longer safe for them to go out and play – sometimes, it is not even safe for them to go to school! I salute the people who go out of their way and start an advocacy campaign like this.

  2. It is hard for anyone who loves animals or children to think that either are being abused. I hope that lots of people see this and at least click in.


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