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Help Your Child Explore The World With Little Passports

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Now that my mom is getting ready to retire, she has decided she would like to enjoy special one-on-one time with her grandchildren. So, last year she began a tradition of choosing one of them to accompany her on vacation. For the inaugural vacation, she took my teenage daughter on a cruise. This year, she would like to take my teenage son to Europe since she’s not sure he will have time once he starts college in a couple of years. We haven’t been able to work out the details, but the discussions have warranted a lot of interest in world travel from all four of the kids. My youngest (who’s 6) has been especially captivated by the discussions about different countries and cultures.

Little Passports Subscription Service

Since world travel as a family isn’t something we can easily schedule (or afford) anytime soon, I started looking around for other ways I could foster my daughter’s interest that she could do at home. I stumbled upon Little Passports and it was a delightful and wonderful discovery.

Little Passports is a subscription service that provides monthly packages that feature a different country (or states if you choose the U.S. edition) each month. The package includes souvenirs, letters, stickers, postcards or photos, and activities. The kits also come with codes for accessing games and activities online. The world edition is geared towards 5 – 10 year old children and the U.S. edition is designed for 7 – 12 year old kids.

World Editions Starter Kit

In our world edition starter kit, we received a small suitcase to store all the goodies in. The package also included stickers that could be used to decorate the suitcase. My daughter promptly added both of them to the front.


She also got her very own passport, with a spot for her photograph and details about herself. The next page encouraged her to ask me and her dad about countries we have visited or would like to and why. She thought it was so fun to interview us!


Next, she was dying to open up the world map that was included. She wanted to hang it up on her bedroom wall right away but I encouraged her to check out the rest of the kit to see if we would need the map for anything else first. I’m pretty sure this convinced her I am clairvoyant since one of the activity sheets did in fact require her to use the world map.

World Map

I was afraid she would think the activity sheets were too much like homework, but she LOVED solving the riddles! There were several different types too so she was pretty certain she is certified to work for the CIA now that she successfully solved all of them.

Solving Riddles
Second Puzzle
Third Puzzle

Little Passports Teaches Your Kids About Different Countries

My daughter keeps asking me when her next Little Passports package will arrive because she wants to put the stickers in her passport. I am glad she had so much fun with the kit, especially since she learned to use a map, where countries are located that she had never even heard of before, and can identify some national flags. As a mom, it’s so fulfilling to watch my daughter enjoying a learning activity. We’ll be enjoying the online activities until our next monthly package arrives.

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  3. This sounds really great. It can be an easy kit for children when traveling and not only get their interest in travel but they also learn about different places.

  4. I know that my daughter would have loved these when she was younger. As a homeschooler, playing games with children is the best way to learn. In my book anyway!


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