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How to Grow Your Social Media Following

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Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

Are you a new blogger wondering how you can possibly get your blog on the map in a sea of hundreds of thousands of other blogs? Does the thought of trying to master multiple social media networks overwhelm you? Or are you a blogger with a little time under your belt wondering what you are doing wrong when it comes to gaining followers since your numbers aren’t where you think they should be?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, I have a great resource to share with you. Holly Bertone, a rookie blogger (she’s been blogging for under two years), managed to go from 0 followers to over 13,000 in her first year AND SHE WASN’T ON FACEBOOK. Better yet, she chronicled and analyzed everything she did right and wrong that first year and compiled it in a book to share her knowledge with others.

How to Grow Your Social Media Following

In her book, How to Grow Your Social Media Following, she reveals 40 techniques you can use to grow your own following on any social media network.

I’ve read the book cover to cover and can say with certainty that the advice in the book will get you results. Even experienced bloggers will find value since the strategies Holly outlines in the book are intended to yield even greater growth results the longer you use them. Even if you are using a lot of them already, you’re bound to learn something new AND get affirmation that the strategies you think might be working, actually are. Again, Holly kept great records her first year (and still does) so she was able to actually measure and quantify her efforts.

The best part of the book, however, has nothing to do with blogging or social media. The best part of the book is Holly’s personality. I am lucky enough to know Holly personally and I loved hearing that spunky, witty voice throughout the book. So, not only will you gain valuable advice on how to grow your fan base, you’ll be entertained in the process.

About Holly Bertone

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Holly Bertone or her blog, The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide, she is a cancer survivor who started out blogging about the disease and coping. She’s since expanded to other topics that interest her so now you’ll find everything from recipes to home decorating tips on her blog. She is still quite active in raising funds for Breast Cancer research so proceeds from How to Grow Your Social Media Following will support Pink Fortitude, LLC’s (the umbrella company Holly created under which her blog and published books fall) commitment to breast cancer advocacy and outreach.

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