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Gift Card Rescue Saves Unwanted Gift Cards and Saves Money

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One benefit of working and volunteering at school is that at certain times of year I receive a lot of gifts. Because many of these considerate individuals give gifts to thank me for what I do, not based on a close, personal relationship, a lot of these gifts come in the form of gift cards. I am always appreciative of these generous and thoughtful gifts, but many of these gift cards are wasted because though I love Starbucks neither my schedule nor my waistline enable me to visit it often enough to make use of all of the Starbucks gift cards I receive.

Gift Card Rescue

Thankfully, I discovered Gift Card Rescue which is a site where you can sell gift cards that you won’t use for up to 92% of their value. Why would someone want to buy up a bunch of gift cards? So that they can sell them to people who want them at a discount!

GCR Logo 2

That’s right, if you are a gift card giver (or just a savvy shopper), you can stock up on gift cards for less by purchasing them through Gift Card Rescue. And since they offer free shopping anywhere in the continental U.S., unless you are a last-minute gift giver, I can’t imagine why you’d buy gift cards anywhere else.

Buy And Sell At Gift Card Rescue

The best part is, you buy from and sell to Gift Card Rescue, not a stranger who you have to blindly trust. Gift Card Rescue is a reputable company recommended by The Wall Street Journal, mint.com, Good Morning America and Oprah Magazine among others. It’s not a fly-by-night company or a con artist working in his basement.

I chose not to sell back my unwanted gift cards for cash. Instead, I opted to exchange them for an Amazon.com gift card which gave me 5% more value than if I’d taken cash instead. Since I do almost all of my online shopping at Amazon, I knew I would make good use of that gift card.

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Important Things To Note About Gift Card Rescue

In my opinion, Gift Card Rescue is a great service for anyone who gives, receives or uses gift cards. Some important things to note:

  • They will only purchase gift cards or store credits from stores listed in their approved merchants list
  • They only serve customers who are residents of the United States
  • The minimum card value is $20
  • The maximum card value is $5000


To learn more about Gift Card Rescue visit their website or their blog. You can also connect with them on:


3 thoughts on “Gift Card Rescue Saves Unwanted Gift Cards and Saves Money”

  1. Great if you have gift cards you do not want. I know a few times we have given cards away because we would never use them. This would solve that issue.

  2. Great idea if you have unwanted gift cards. I know a few times we have received cards and we have given them away because we will never use them. This solves that problem.

  3. I like this idea! This is a way to get use from gift cards and not have to give them back to the gift giver and appear unappreciative.


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